Days Of Our Lives' Lauren Koslow Reveals Kate's Worst Moments

Lauren Koslow brought drama and energy to "Days of Our Lives" when she stepped into the role of Kate Roberts back in 1996, per Soap Central. The actress took over the role from Deborah Adair and quickly made it her own. Through the years, Koslow has proven she's perfect for daytime television as she's portrayed the character of Kate with sass, comedy, drama, and so much more.

She's also shown off her acting chops in other roles, appearing on television shows such as "Silk Stalkings," "The Nanny," "Criminal Minds," and "Great News" (via IMDb). Koslow has also held the roles of Lindsey Wells Abbott on "The Young and the Restless" and Margo Lynley Spencer on "The Bold and the Beautiful," making her a seasoned soap opera vet (via Soaps).

In 2021, Koslow celebrated her 25th anniversary on "Days of Our Lives" and looked back at all her character has been through, as well as the experience of working on the sudser for more than two decades.

Lauren Koslow has had a wild ride as Kate Roberts on Days of Our Lives

According to Soap Central, it's been quite a wild ride for Lauren Koslow's Kate Roberts over the years, and "Days of Our Lives" viewers have likely loved every minute of it. She's been involved in some wild storylines such as attempted murder, blackmail, evidence tampering, corporate espionage, and adultery. She's also had some memorable romances with characters like Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo), Roman Brady (Josh Taylor), John Black (Drake Hogestyn), Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston), and many more.

In addition, Kate's nearly lost her life multiple times (via Soaps). In 1995, Kate's enemy Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) tried to kill her by orchestrating a plane crash. She was also diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008. Years later, Kate was drugged by Jordan Ridgway (Chrishell Stause) and her life was saved by Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering). In 2019, Kate nearly died again when Vivian shot her and buried her in a grave. Kate's life was saved by Dr. Rolf (William Utay) in that situation.

However, Kate has prevailed through it all, and Koslow has enjoyed it all. However, she did admit that there have been times when Kate has crossed the line, even for her. 

Lauren Koslow opens up about Kate Roberts' dark past

While celebrating her 25th anniversary as Kate Roberts on "Days of Our Lives," Lauren Koslow had plenty to say about her on-screen alter-ego. The actress admitted that she enjoys the character of Kate, and that she finds her to be a very strong and independent woman. "Kate is very complex and she has definitely evolved over the years," Koslow told Soap Central. "She is like an Eleanor of Aquitaine character. She'll do it all if necessary... She has a fierceness about her."

However, there are times when Koslow thinks Kate has gone too far like when she attempted to kill Chloe Lane (Najia Bjorlin) and Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian), per Soap Opera Digest. "I think when she really went very deep and dark was during that time with the Daniel character and she really kind of lost the reality of the situation and her position, and she was poisoning Chloe and tried to murder Daniel," she said. "It was so much fun to do it but she really lost touch with herself and reality at that point. So I think that was her darkest time."

Koslow also added that the storyline when Kate married Stefano DiMera instead of taking her son Philip's warning to get mental help was also a low point for the character. "So she really lost Philip for a long time. And so that probably was the darkest time for her," the actress explained.

Of course, Kate wouldn't be as fun to watch if she didn't make mistakes and create chaos, which is why so many fans have adored her for all these years.