Should You Ride A Roller Coaster While Pregnant?

You take a pregnancy test in the morning and those two pink lines appear before you. Instantly, a ton of things are running through your mind. How will you do it? Are you ready? Can you still eat sushi tonight? And while yes, you will be ready and no, you should probably skip the sushi, you don't have to stress too much about your day-to-day life.

Despite what you may see on television, being pregnant doesn't mean you need to stop your life. Assuming your pregnancy is healthy, keeping active is actually recommended for pregnant people, per Healthline. Doing yoga, keeping up with previous exercise routines, and taking long walks are all recommended. And when it comes to travel, as long as your doctor says it's OK, you can even hop on a plane and jet off to wherever you'd like.

But if you are a thrill seeker, you may want to think twice before taking that plane to an amusement park. Here's what you need to know about riding a roller coaster while pregnant. 

Avoid all roller coasters while pregnant

If you've ever been to an amusement park, you've likely seen the big signs that say "do not ride while pregnant." No, this isn't discrimination but rather for your own safety. According to The American Pregnancy Association, riding roller coasters while pregnant is not recommended. The fast movements and force that occur during a roller coaster ride can lead to serious complications, including placental abruption, miscarriage, and other dangers. Verywell Family says that the movements in a roller coaster can lead to bleeding and extreme contractions that cause the baby distress.

And it's not just roller coasters. Any ride at the amusement park that is fast moving should be avoided while pregnant. According to What to Expect, any type of rapid movement or abrupt motions can lead to serious issues, not to mention an uncomfortable feeling for you, especially if you are prone to morning sickness and nausea.

So while you should definitely avoid the fast rides at the park, you can still go and enjoy yourself. Here's how.

How to enjoy an amusement park while pregnant

If you want to enjoy an amusement park with your family and friends while pregnant, you don't have to miss out on the fun just because of your growing belly. According to Verywell Family, you can still enjoy slow-moving rides like a carousel or railroad-style ride. Overall, you want to avoid rides that move fast at any point or may jerk you back and forth.

What to Expect suggests sticking to the arcade games and things that keep your feet on the ground. They warn against rides that require a moving entry or a lot of steps to the top. Your best bet is to talk to your doctor before you go and pay attention to the signs posted around the park — they will let you know which rides are risky for pregnant people.

Pregnancy is full of ups and downs, but be sure to experience those movements on the ground rather than high up on a rollercoaster. You can get that thrill you crave after the baby is born.