How The July 13 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Sagittarius

If you were born between November 22nd and December 21st, the world is your oyster! As a Sagittarius, you believe life is meant to be lived — sometimes by the seat of your pants (via Cosmopolitan). Your passion is one of the things people love about you, but your strong opinions can also get you into trouble (via PureWow). But you are nothing if not committed to what you believe in and for a Sagittarius, that often means seeing the glass half full.

Given a Sagittarius' excitement for reaching new goals and exploring new heights, the upcoming July 13 full moon is bound to add up to an awesome opportunity. As you may know (because the centaur is sharp is a tack), this mid-week lunar event has quite a bit of significance behind it. In fact, the full moon is actually a supermoon with a cool name: Buck Moon. As Live Science explains, this mega-moon is going to wow spectators down on Earth with its brightness, since the full moon is popping up when its orbit is closest to our planet.

As for why July 13, 2022 marks the Buck Moon, well, as the Almanac notes, the reason is simple and has to do with the growth cycle of male deer's antlers. Again, as a Sagittarius, we may be telling you something you already know. But did you know that this supermoon may just mean major life changes are coming your way?

For a Sagittarius, it's go big or go home

For every sign of the zodiac, the upcoming full moon signals a time of transition. As astrologer Inbaal Honigman told Good to Know, "Whether it's a mindset change or whether we're creating real-life miracles, the distinction is unimportant. The full moon energy carries the intent forward."

So, whether big or small, Wednesday offers up the chance to take on new challenges, Sagittarius. But who are we kidding? You've never done anything halfway in your life. You are the go-big-or-go-home type, so it's not as if you'll be moving furniture around in your home office and calling it a day.

The July 13 full moon will be your time to take charge of your future, and specifically in the career and public image space, since the moon is rising in Capricorn (via Bustle). Indeed, if you've been wondering when the next stage of your life is going to get started, perk up. This lunar event is when new possibilities will come to light (via YourTango).

The bottom line is the bottom line matters

Mid-week, you are encouraged to step up and be a leader at work and in your own life, which should come pretty easily to you, Sagittarius, since sitting on the sidelines is not your style (via Woman and Home). The supermoon casts light upon the reality that your hard work should be rewarded and not just with platitudes from your boss — if you have one.

Instead, your paycheck should reflect your dedication to always putting your best foot forward. And if your current situation does not line up with that sensibility, well, we told you this lunar event could be a time to shake things up! Indeed, a new opportunity to earn more income or take on more responsibility (and thus, more money!) might be right around the corner (via Well + Good).

Just don't rush into anything. Take your time to be sure any big move is what you really want (via PopSugar). Sure, you may have to ask yourself some probing questions, but when have you ever turned your back on a challenge?