If You're A Sagittarius, These Are Careers You Should Consider

Finding the right job is never easy, whether you are just starting out in the career world or craving a seismic shift in your life. You might be fresh out of university with a history degree or a lawyer with 15 years of experience who needs a change -– either way, finding your place in the world can be difficult. Sure, Elton John knew he was destined for music when he learned how to play the piano at just 4 years old (via Biography), but not all of us are that lucky (even if "Your Song" is our karaoke anthem). You might love painting, cooking for family, or really just like spending time alone. Analyzing your personality traits is important when finding your best career path –- so why not save time and use the zodiac instead?

Using astrology to make a crucial decision in your life might sound kind of crazy, but the stars sometimes tell us more about ourselves than we ever knew. Since we usually grow more toward our sun sign as we get older (via Refinery29), it can point you to your best career direction long-term. Sun signs are about who we are deep in our soul, sometimes hidden by our rising sign, or "mask." If you listen to your sun sign, you'll most likely gravitate toward a career that makes you feel like you – and who doesn't want that? If you're a Sagittarius, it's no surprise that your best jobs reflect your adventurous, inquisitive, and ever-social sides.

Sagittarians make super-creative writers

First up, Sagittarians are natural writers -– it's written in your birth chart. As per Allure, this sign yearns for new experiences, soaking in the world around them and learning from it. Much different than shy Pisces, über-refined Libras, or even slightly materialistic Leos, Sagittarius signs are happy to discover uncharted territory just to tell a great story afterwards. This usually makes Sagittarians the life of the party, gravitating toward the center of room as they relay their most shocking adventures. Whether telling the tale of getting lost in the middle of the thick Amazonian jungle or just making everyone laugh until they cry at a day-drinking expedition gone wrong, Sags are all about a great anecdote.

If you're not telling your pals all about your latest trip, romantic escapade, or even your deep, most intellectual brainstorms, then you'll love writing about them. Sure, you might not get the immediate satisfaction of laughter, one-on-one debates, or commentary from your circle, but you'll find fulfillment in typing up your most spiritually awakening experiences. Yes, Sags are social butterflies, so a career as a writer may sometimes feel lonely, but you'll be fine as long as you complement your solitary writing time with tons of weekend outings. Plus, as natural explorers (via Co-Star Astrology), you'll love the day-to-day flexibility of being a writer, allowing you to make your own schedule as you go. Take your laptop on a trip to the Rocky Mountains or Ibiza –- and make sure to write about everything you see!

Or incredible farm-to-table chefs

Contrary to popular perception, outdoor-loving Sagittarians are not earth signs -– they're as fiery as they come. Per Astrology Zodiac Signs, Sags' fire sign tendencies show up through creativity, wanting to use the tools around them to make something beautiful. Coupled with their known passion for nature, it makes sense that Sagittarians make incredible chefs. Take it from Sagittarius superstar chef Bobby Flay or "The Great British Bake Off" winner Candice Brown (via Famous Birthdays): this sign is all about cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

As a Sagittarius, you crave intellectual stimulation and feel most satisfied after learning something (via Allure). You have an intrinsic need for communication and a desire for back-and-forth with other people. While your gift for words is usually your best weapon, you can harness your social skills into creative pursuits instead. Cooking is a direct form of communication after all, and Sagittarians imbue their plates with deep meaning. Just like rat Remy makes a perfect dish for harsh reviewer Anton Ego in "Ratatouille," sending him back to his childhood in the French countryside, Sagittarians are near-poetic with their culinary creations. Even if you might be thinking, "I've never cooked a day in my life," as a Sag, you'll love learning all there is to know about chopping, simmering, and plating. Plus, you'll enjoy it even more if you can pick the produce from your own garden.

If you're a Sagittarius, you'll thrive as a wildlife photographer

A career that will come as second nature to any Sagittarius sign, wildlife photography and cinematography will fulfill your wanderlust, deepen your connection to the great outdoors, and teach you all there is to know about the wonders of life. In short, this is truly the quintessential Sagittarian career, combining traveling the globe with intellectual exploration. As per Co-Star Astrology, these fire signs feel like "the world is their playground," and much different from steadfast, happy-at-home Cancer signs, Sagittarians love change. You'll happily go from the lush Costa Rican rainforest to Kenyan plains to Antarctic snow caps -– it's in your constellation's DNA.

As explained by Allure, Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, the planet that symbolizes introspection, personal development, and other dimensions. Sometimes deemed the "hippies" of the zodiac wheel, Sagittarius will get a kick out of a camping trip that turned into a spiritual awakening or a music festival that confirmed their belief in a higher power. Similarly, flying across the globe to get in touch with different animals and peoples will fulfill a Sagittarians' quest for knowledge and their constant need for growth. This sign is also mutable, meaning you find it easy to understand other cultures, personalities, and thought processes. Even though you might be fiercely opinionated, you are never judgmental –- a perfect asset when your job is trekking the globe. Plus, your intuitive creativity will make your photos and videos picture-perfect, poignant, and deeply meaningful.

Sagittarians are natural-born professors

Sagittarians are the zodiac's orators, using their gift with words to communicate their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and vast knowledge of the world around them (via Allure). It's little wonder you make excellent professors, ready to present your students with the deep trove of intellectualness you're known for. Whether you focus on philosophy, talking to your students about time and the meaning of truth, or you go for poetry, forming circles around the room as you discuss rhyme-bending stanzas, a career as a professor is absolutely perfect for you.

Apart from your clear pursuit of knowledge, Sagittarians' social spark is another trait that makes you excellent professors. While we all remember that one teacher who read from a 600-page book at the podium for an hour straight, that's not a fiery Sagittarius sign's style. A Sag professor will round up their students, tell everyone to grab their books, and take them outside for an impromptu lesson on the grass. Just like the adventurous learning mantra in "Dead Poets Society," a Sagittarius sees reading, writing, and discussion as exciting activities akin to bungee-jumping or rock climbing. As per Co-Star Astrology, Sagittarius are downright fearless and will stop at nothing in their search for truth, inspiring their students — and never boring them. Moreover, this mutable sign sees a difference between the knowledge you get from a book and the kind you immerse yourself in through experiences (via Co-star). This means a Sag will always teach the power of exploration.

These fire signs also make driven, idealistic politicians

Probably a job not many would pin on an opinionated, sometimes loud-mouthed Sagittarian, but a career in politics will fulfill you to your worldly core. According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Sags' ruling planet Jupiter gives them a constant sense of excitement, making them run forward through the world with addicting, contagious zeal. Combined with their constant quest for learning about other peoples' ideas and cultural norms, Sagittarians make passionate politicians, global ambassadors, and charitable yet radical activists.

As per Allure, Sagittarians gravitate to travel like a moth to a flame -– in short, this sign just doesn't feel alive when they're stagnant. In need of constant movement, they will appreciate the day-to-day frenzy of being a politician, always ready to face the new day's challenges head-on. Per the outlet, this sign has a signature "sharp tongue" that makes for jaw-dropping debates, with a deeply philosophical nature to back up their powerful ideals for change. While some signs would find the constant jabber and conversations of a public-facing career dizzying, Sagittarians will revel in the political parties, art of persuasion, and the one-on-one time with supporters. 

The only hitch? While Sagittarius will love to construct their societal visions, travel to different countries, and give speeches, they might feel constrained by the lack of freedom often seen in political careers. Plus, they will no longer be able to say anything that comes to mind (via Allure), which is definitely something to watch out for.

Not into politics? Use your gift of gab as a comedian

Let's say you love being in the spotlight, are known in your circle of friends as the one with all the conversation skills, will go down as the best storyteller, and will get up for musical charades any day of the week -– but you definitely don't feel like a politician, professor, or TV chef. Sagittarians are known to crave public-facing careers, whether ending up as news reporters, actors, or city mayors. But being a comedian is the most Sag-friendly job of them all, combining intellectuality with boisterousness and rebelliousness.

This might come as no surprise to you, as Sagittarians are the center of any social gathering, attracting others with their sheer confidence and unexpected, off-kilter humor (via Allure). All those stories you usually tell about your life are a regular comedic routine, peppered with insane laughs and out-of-the-box roundabouts no one ever sees coming. As per Allure, Sagittarius are "the comedians of the zodiac" and will go on a wild adventure every time they partake in conversation. 

This sign's supreme intelligence means they see an opportunity for a joke at every turn, and fun banter deeply fulfills them. As explained by Astrology Zodiac Signs, Sagittarians' wild humor is an intrinsic trait, and they see jokes and stories as another way of feeling free and communicating with others. That being said, as explained by Allure, Sag's natural attitude can sometimes come off as self-important, so tread lightly!

Sagittarians' debate skills make them incredible lawyers

Even though you love wanderlust-satisfying careers like anything in politics or the celebrity world, a Sagittarius can also find fulfillment in being a lawyer. Sure, it doesn't come with tons of travel to European destinations or the Alaskan wilderness, but you'll feel a sense of adventure in every case you take on. Whether you become an inquisitive criminal lawyer, a divorce lawyer dealing with the intricacies of post-breakup in-fighting, or a corporate lawyer in 5-inch Christian Louboutin stilettos, there's something about this career that has your name written on it in red ink.

It's no secret that Sag signs have an intrinsic talent for public speaking (via Allure), whether as a fiery debater, a free-thinking professor, or a fierce lawyer defending their client in the courtroom. Moreover, your philosophical streak means you're an idealist committed to the truth. This will make you a morality-driven lawyer, on a constant pursuit for justice. You also possess a unique "flexibility" (via Allure) that allows you to see right and wrong on a grayscale, showcasing natural empathy for your clients. Your curiosity can sometimes get you in trouble but will work perfectly when studying for your degree, reading up on cases, or researching intensively in preparation for courtroom drama. As Astrology Zodiac Signs explains, Sagittarians tell it like it is and don't skimp on the truth to make others feel better. While these fire signs can be grating, their brashness works great in the legal world.

With so much wanderlust, you'll love working as a pilot

Yes, law does come with its own set of adventures and intellectual exploration, but if traveling is your passion (and as a Sag, of course it is), you'll love working as a pilot. As per Co-Star Astrology, this sign is about movement. You might relate to craving a big move to a new city or shifting gears when it comes to your passions –- while stability isn't really your thing, change definitely is. That's why being a pilot is so perfect for any Sagittarius: every day will be a new adventure to a different place, finally satisfying your insatiable wanderlust.

As Co-star explains, Sagittarius signs find out more about themselves through outside exploration. Meditation and looking within can be important, just like reading books about other people's experiences, but for this sign, nothing beats trekking the globe. A Sagittarian will find what makes their heart beat faster by walking through unfamiliar terrain, meeting different people, tasting new foods, and hearing new music. This sign needs to experience other cultures to truly get a glimpse of who they are on the inside, so piloting around the world is a perfect fit.

Sagittarians feel a need for control at all costs and refuse to be tamed (via Your Tango). This sign will love taking the reins of a plane and feeling empowered through their career, possessing a skill that's the epitome of exciting, intrepid, and yeah, fearless.

Your down-to-earth nature makes you great camp counselors, too

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, but still valiant, inspiring, and very fun, Sagittarius make amazing camp counselors. This is due to their nature-loving tendencies and Bear Grylls-esque know-how about fending for themselves in the great outdoors. Plus, your incredible storytelling skills (via Allure) will make for chillingly scary or laugh-out-loud tales around the campfire. Your social skills will make you fast pals with your group, and campers will look up to you for your intellectual exploration, thoughts about the world around you, realistic advice, and sage wisdom.

While Sagittarius are philosophical and will whip out a 500-year-old quote when you least expect it, they're also irreverent and thrilling. Your camp group will love having you as a counselor, coming up with the funniest inside jokes, unique outdoor activities, and your expertise on everything from wild animals to poison berries (to life itself). As per Astrology Zodiac Signs, Sagittarians aren't exactly known for being dainty or leaving things unsaid. Quite the opposite, people under this sign are realists, with a knack for straightforward conversations that don't beat around the bush. Much like how you excel as professors, Sagittarians will gravitate toward a camp counselor role for their leadership, grounded personality, and love of other people. This sign likes to experience everything under the sun and will enjoy teaching students what they've learned.