Royal Expert Explains How Prince George's Latest Public Appearance Justified Megxit

Going to the men's final at Wimbledon is a dream come true for anyone, let alone an 8-year-old child. But how about during an unprecedented heat wave in the UK? While wearing a full suit with a coat and tie? And as a tennis star rants and raves about an unruly fan, like Nick Kyrgios did on Sunday (via Express)?


Yes, this was the reality for Prince George as he made his debut at the prestigious match yesterday — and got Twitter buzzing about his very-Prince-Louis-like range of expressions as he coped with extreme temperatures and inappropriate language.

In fact, the conditions were so brutal, with the Daily Beast reporting July 10, 2022 was the hottest day of the year in London, that at least one royal expert is claiming that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as their kids, Archie and Lilibet, were lucky to get away from the responsibilities required of being working members of the royal family.

Megan and Harry left for a simpler life in California

While their engagement, wedding, and early romance took the British public — and the world — by storm, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quickly made it clear that royal life did not suit them. Considering they dealt with incessant media coverage and scrutiny from the moment they went public with their relationship and never quite seemed to have the full support of members of the royal family, the couple's decision to step back from royal life didn't come as a huge surprise. 


Airing their truth soon after moving to California, Meghan and Harry sat down with Oprah Winfrey in a now-infamous interview, telling the storied host that their lives in the firm were nothing short of a nightmare. From the expository sit-down, we learned that Meghan was suicidal, Archie's skin tone was brought up as a potential issue, and the couple felt suffocated by the pressures to conform and the lack of assistance they were met with — among many other stunning and jaw-dropping claims. 

It's clear that the royal life was not for them on a number of levels, and a recent event involving Prince George may have shed some light on why that's the case. While the youngster has been a sport at public events in the past, Wimbledon was clearly a struggle for the prince. 


Prince George was clearly struggling at Wimbledon

For 100 years, guests at the Royal Box at Wimbledon have adhered to a strict dress code. Men are asked to don "smart" dress in slacks, a jacket and a tie. Obviously this applied not only to Prince William when he brought his oldest son to the court on Sunday, but to Prince George as well. The young royal, who is third in the line to the throne, is of course rarely seen in casual attire, and even wears a uniform to school (via Hello!).


Although George dressed appropriately while accompanying the Duke of Cambridge and mom Kate Middleton, according to The UK Sun, the tot was overheard telling the his father, "[It's] too hot."

According to royal correspondent Tom Sykes, contrasting George's appearance at Wimbledon with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's low-key Independence Day celebration with Archie justifies the couple exiting Buckingham Palace stage left back in 2020 (via Daily Beast).

Megxit allows the Sussexs a less constrained life

Would you rather be wearing a full suit and tie in 100 degree heat watching a premiere tennis match while the world analyzes your every facial expression — or be a spectator at a July 4th parade dressed however you want and simply enjoying the festivities? For royal correspondent Tom Sykes, the decision is clear.


In fact, he thinks that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may even have looked to Sunday's match as proof that they made the right decision to leave royal life behind in favor of a freer existence in California (via Daily Beast). The royal expert points to the couple's infamous Oprah Winfrey interview during which the younger son of Princess Diana noted he felt "trapped" by life within the palace walls.

The Duke of Sussex insisted that while he did what was "expected" of him — much like Prince George at Wimbledon — he was not happy.

Of course, Harry and Meghan have not publicly commented on the photos of their nephew, and we don't know for sure that George was miserable sitting in the Royal Box with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looking on. 


But it must be said that the Jackson Hole parade Archie attended looked pretty darn enjoyable (via Daily Mail).