The Taylor Swift Song You Should Listen To If You're A Virgo

Among astrology lovers, Virgos are known for their intricately curated plans and perfectionist attention to detail (according to Cosmopolitan). This Earth sign — alongside its compatriots Taurses and Capricorn — is rooted in their values and mindfulness of every aspect of their lives (per Allure). Dependable, practical, and hardworking, Virgo traits make them wonderful partners in both friendships and dating. But there are some things people get wrong about Virgos. Specifically, it's simply untrue that they are always uptight, neat, and level-headed. Even Virgos sometimes want to let loose, have fun, and live their "Wildest Dreams."

That said, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that Virgos would take that dedication to detail and apply it to their playlists. After 13 albums (via All Music) and 11 Grammy awards (per Grammys), Taylor Swift has written songs inspired by various genres that tackle themes from fairytale love to addiction and mental health (be right back, just crying in the corner thinking about "This is me Trying"). Throughout every era, Taylor Swift has released music loved by many.

If you're a Virgo and searching for the Taylor Swift track to be your theme song, the pop star has plenty of hits to choose from. Get ready to curate your perfect Virgo T-Swift playlist.

Virgos keep it practical, so these are the Taylor Swift songs perfect for them

There is one Taylor Swift song above all the rest that Virgos can find themselves relating to. You see, one key thing to know about Virgos before getting into a relationship with one is that they love a rule book to guide their next steps. "The Story Of Us" captures that Virgo tendency better than any other Taylor Swift song, according to The Daily Californian. The "Speak Now" track details how one of Swift's relationships doesn't seem to be going as planned. Their love story had already taken narrative form in her head, but the reality wasn't lining up with her expectations. The song is an ultimatum for her partner: This is your last chance to play by the rules of a healthy, romantic relationship.

While Swift has written many love songs, "The Story Of Us" is about the practical sides of a relationship. Communication and being on the same page are important values for Virgos when it comes to love.

Taylor Swift songs for a Virgo's ultimate Taylor Swift playlist

Taylor Swift has a plethora of songs that Virgos can relate to. Whether you're getting over a relationship or looking for a fun summer vibe, you can find a Virgo anthem in Swift's discography.

At times, Virgos' dedication can go unnoticed and unappreciated. For a sad girl cry session, "Tolerate It" from Swift's 11th studio album "Evermore" captures the feeling of putting more into a relationship than you're getting out of it. But not all Virgo relationships are fated for such a doomed romance like those outlined in "The Story Of Us" and "Tolerate It." The practical and dependable traits Virgos are best known for are highlighted in Swift's final track of her "Reputation" album, "New Year's Day." Some lovers may only be around for the bright lights and parties, but a Virgo is the type of person who will clean up after the fun and stick by your side no matter what.

For an upbeat summer track, "How You Get The Girl" from "1989" is the perfect Taylor Swift Virgo anthem. As noted by Cosmopolitan, Virgos love having a plan of action. That's exactly what "How You Get The Girl" is. The song is a step-by-step guide on how to get a partner back after some mistakes. It's playing by the rules while kissing on the sidewalk in the rain. Basically, a Virgo's dream.