Ethan Plath's Relationship With His Dad Appears To Be On The Mend

During Season 4 of TLC's hit reality show "Welcome to Plathville," a lot of drama between the family has been unfolding. It seems that the eldest Plath son, Ethan, is often at the center of the struggles. According to Reality Titbit, tensions were high between Ethan and his parents long before tying the knot with his wife, Olivia, though that has certainly made the issue more complicated.

In the show's third season, fans saw how the tension between Ethan, Olivia, and the Plath family put a strain on their relationship. It ended with the couple moving out of their small hometown and bidding their family farewell (per Screen Rant). While the move helped improve the couple's relationship, it seemed to make things even more strained with the Plath crew back home.

Now, however, it seems Ethan is starting to patch things up with his father, Barry Path, and fans are watching it unfold during Season 4.

Ethan and his father are enjoying their time together again

Season 4 of "Welcome to Plathville" is currently airing on TLC and it's unfolding during a complicated time for the Plath family. The family's parents, Barry and Kim Plath, recently announced that they were getting a divorce, something that is uncommon in their Christian Fundamentalist religion (via People). Fans of the show are watching the separation play out while the family attempts to move forward.

When it comes to moving forward, it seems Ethan and Barry Plath are doing their best to put aside their previous struggles and improve their relationship. In a clip posted by TLC on Twitter, the father and son seem to be enjoying each other's company for the first time in a while.

Ethan shared that it's easier to mend things with his father than with his mother. "I feel like my dad owns up to his mistakes more than my mom does," he added to his assessment of his parents. "The second biggest thing I've always had a problem with my mom is she's always been the one to meddle in relationships. And she's like a controlling person and definitely has manipulative traits and that's just not something that I care to be close to."

He continues in the clip, "It's hard for people to wrap their mind around a son or a daughter not wanting to talk to one parent, but my dad when he's sitting in front of me and what he's saying, he's a straight shooter and I trust him. My mom, I don't trust her."

Time will tell how things play out in this dramatic family.