The Taylor Swift Song You Should Listen To If You're A Taurus

A Taurus will stick by your side through it all. Though this Earth sign can get a bad rep for being stubborn, Tauruses are known to be amazing friends due to their commitment and ability to persevere (via Horoscope). Though a Taurus' traits can be frustrating at times in friendships and dating, their bullheaded nature is only one example of their loyalty, and their appreciation for the finer things shows how much things mean to them, according to Elite Daily. All in all, there's lots of reasons why you would want a Taurus as a teammate, co-worker, best friend, or partner.

It makes sense then that a Taurus Taylor Swift fan may be the best kind of friend you could ask for: They are reliable, trustworthy, and not afraid to enjoy material goods or luxurious experiences while blasting music from the country-turned-pop star. With an impressive discography of 12 albums that streth across distinctly unique eras and scores of awards to her name, Swift has songs for every mood and zodiac sign. If you're a Taurus, these are some options that will encapsulate your capacity to work hard, love passionately, and stay loyal to yourself, your people, and your values.

A Taurus would love to listen to Taylor Swift's Enchanted

If a Taurus is one thing, they are committed. While most Taurus traits would indicate that this Earth sign would take a relationship slow, The Daily Clog argues that when a Taurus falls in love, they fall hard. No Taylor Swift song encapsulates that magical feeling of finding "the one" quite as well as "Enchanted" from her third album "Speak Now." Memorable for its swelling orchestral build up, catchy hook, and romantic lyrics, "Enchanted" captures what it means to be all in after just one glance. Even a Taurus — with all their pride and stubbornness — can open up their heart and give it away.

Using imagery of a dazzling ball, "Enchanted" also appeals to the materialistic side of some Tauruses. They are known for seeking pleasure (according to Horoscope), and the song is all about wishing for that with the person across the party who has caught their eye. Tauruses are likely to list physical touch as their love language and enjoy feeling one with their body, according to Oui, We. It's a Taurus who is likely "wonderstruck, dancing around all alone" after meeting the person they hope will be the love of their life. 

And we're not saying that Tauruses are prone to be obsessive, but calling them "enchanted" and committed isn't a far stretch.

Taurus Taylor Swift fans would also appreciate Style, The Lucky One, and All Too Well

While "Enchanted" might be our go-to Taylor Swift song for Tauruses, there are plenty of other songs from the star that Tauruses can likely relate to. We've picked out two tracks from Taylor Swift's album "Red" that are also great for Tauruses. 

First up, "The Lucky One" captures the feeling of finding success and material riches that some Tauruses just can't seem to live without. But the song isn't all glitz and glamor. Like a Taurus, its main character is driven, but she finds herself at a point of burn-out and abandons the life of stardom in the end. Another trait Tauruses are known for is their memory, according to Your Tango. In fact, they may remember how you wronged them "All Too Well" even years later and play the ten minute version of Swift's break-up ballad just to revel in those memories.

For a lighter Taylor Swift track, "Style" off of her album "1989" encapsulates pretty much everything you need to know about this Earth sign. The song screams Taurus: Swift describes her elegant fashion while confessing that she and her lover are timeless, too. It is about commitment and pleasure, two main Taurus values.