Steer Clear Of These Crystals If You're A Pisces

These days it seems that everybody is using crystals for meditation, wellness, healing, or simply to add gorgeous decor to their living spaces. The popularity of crystals is on the rise, however, using the gorgeous stones is certainly nothing new. "Humans have used stones for healing and energetic purposes for thousands of years," says Keveney Avila, certified practitioner in energy mastery, per Oprah Daily. Of course, the practice of using crystals has become more mainstream over the years, and a lot of that is thanks to celebrities who have opened up about their use of the stones.

Stars like Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, and Debra Messing have all confessed their love for crystals, per Shape. Others such as Megan Fox, Adele, Nicole Richie, and Busy Philipps have also admitted to using crystals in their spiritual practices (via Us Weekly). "Crystals are so hot but I, literally, when I moved to Los Angeles I had this crystal that a friend gave me for good luck, and I carried it with me everywhere," Philipps previously told the outlet. "It was a clear quartz with a point on one end, flat on the other. I carried it with me for years. Every audition. Everywhere."

It's no wonder that people are so interested in crystal energy, but some don't know that certain crystals aren't for everyone. If you're a Pisces, there are definitely crystals that you should and shouldn't be using.

Pisces should think twice before using carnelian, smoky quartz, and amazonite

According to Everybody In Mind, those born under the sign of Pisces (February 19 to March 20) may want to use amethyst as a way to offer spiritual protection and fine-tune their intuition. It always offers plenty of energy for peaceful sleep and good dreams if used in the bedroom. However, amethyst can be a tricky stone to work with as it does conflict with another crystal that pairs well with Pisces, which is carnelian.

Crystal and Stone notes that carnelian is an orange stone that is all about passion and creativity. Using the stone can help boost your artistic and creative juices and offer plenty of motivation to get things done. However, when paired with amethyst, the two stones don't mesh well (via Sonoma Sun). Carnelian is all about boosting energy, while amethyst is meant to slow and settle your energy. So, Pisces should probably pick one or the other for their own spiritual needs.

Pisces may run into more conflict with two other stones. Tiger's eye is said to be a great stone for Pisces to use as a way to amp up self-confidence and attract abundance. Meanwhile, smoky quartz is known to help Pisces ground their energy and focus on stability during tough times. Sadly, pairing tiger's eye and smoky quartz together is not a good idea, per Divine Twist. The two have conflicting energy that can cause problems if paired together.

Meanwhile, Pisces should also steer clear of using tiger's eye with amazonite as well, as the two could cancel each other out.

Pisces should avoid red jasper, orange calcite, and malachite

Pisces have plenty of crystals that work well with their personality traits. One of those crystals is blue lace agate. This stone can help the sign, who loves to daydream, stay grounded in reality while offering calming and soothing vibes. It's a great crystal for Pisces to meditate with as well and is related to the sign's throat chakra, which can aid in any communication issues, per Everybody In Mind.

However, blue lace agate should not be paired with the likes of orange calcite. While blue lace agate is used for peace and serenity, orange calcite is the opposite and will jumpstart Pisces' creative side and sharpen their wit. The two crystals are used for very different things and don't work well together. So, Pisces should likely keep away from the gorgeous orange stone. Unfortunately, blue lace agate doesn't work well with red jasper either. Red jasper is used to boost vitality, while the blue crystal is completely different. Using them together may confuse your energy and body (via Hobbyist Geek).

Crystal and Stone suggests that Pisces use clear quartz to clear any negativity from their lives and boost the positive flow of energy. The stone has many benefits such as amplifying motivation and productivity. However, the stone can also amplify other crystals such as malachite, which shouldn't be used with clear quartz. Using the pair together could actually boost negativity, so steer clear of the stone if you're a Pisces.

It seems that Pisces has a lot of options when it comes to their crystal use. However, it may be smart to do a bit of research before pairing stones together.