Elon Musk Tears Hunter Biden To Shreds On Twitter With A Single Meme

When Elon Musk tweets, we're pretty sure every Twitter worker, celebrity, and politician alike feels a tingle run down their spine. The Tesla CEO — who has been battling the social media platform ever since his bid to purchase it for about $44 billion fell through the cracks — often takes to his profile to share his thoughts on everything from Donald Trump's prospects in 2024 to his own space pursuits and everything in between. But if you thought that Musk firmly fell into the pro-Trump camp, think again. He's gone after just about every politician under the sun (while keeping his sights on Mars), and clearly isn't slowing down his efforts. His new target? Hunter Biden.


For those unfamiliar with the drama surrounding President Joe Biden's son and the rumors and images swirling about the internet, Hunter has been open about his past struggles with certain recreational activities – including battles with drugs and alcohol — that have put him in the limelight. There are also questions surrounding Hunter's laptop, and his overseas dealings, that remain unanswered and unaddressed. 

Musk clearly decided that Hunter was an available target, as he took to Twitter with one simple meme that destroyed the president's son in seconds. 

Musk took aim at Hunter in a series of tweets

On Wednesday, July 13, the Tesla giant sent out a tweet that turned more than a few heads and earned plenty of likes and retweets. The tweet shared an image of a man wearing a helmet with a ridiculous amount of cameras attached to the top of it. The picture's caption: "Hunter Biden every time he buys crack and hookers." At the top of the tweet, Musk wrote, "A+ for cinematography".


In a follow-up tweet, Musk added: "Gives whole new meaning to Go Pros!" We'll leave the meaning of that to your imagination. Just keep in mind the context of those "recreational activities" we mentioned earlier.

Musk and the Biden family haven't exactly been seeing eye-to-eye lately. Earlier this year, President Joe Biden made the decision not to include Tesla in its initiative to drive more car owners towards making the switch to electric-only transmission. This is quite a huge snub to Musk and his company, which is arguably the most popular brand of electric cars in the United States right now.

Although the eco-friendly billionaire is most well-known for his car brand Tesla, he is quickly rising to fame — or maybe infamy — for the memes he posts on Twitter that pull no punches. Just earlier this week, Musk shared a picture mocking Twitter for having to disclose bot information in court after initially refusing to do so.