Moriah Plath Reveals A Special New Addition To Her Family

TLC's "Welcome to Plathville" gives a peek into the life of the Plaths, an ultra-religious family of 11 living in Georgia. With such a large brood, it's no wonder there's tons of real-life drama. Fans have witnessed shocking fights, separations, and betrayals during the show's four seasons.

Moriah Plath, the show's resident rebel, has often been at the center of the family's drama. The 19-year-old star doesn't fit in with her conservative family, instead embracing bright purple hair and branching out with a career in music (per Distractify). This may have led to Moriah being pushed out of the family home by her parents, a truth about Moriah spilled by sister-in-law Olivia. However, the departure may have been mutual: Moriah said she moved out because she was "starving for freedom" from her parents' strict rules.

Despite their differences, Moriah and her parents seem to maintain a cordial relationship. The aspiring singer posted family photos on Instagram in June with the caption, "I guess every family's got their drama! Mine sure does. But I don't care, I love them anyway and nothing can change that lol."

Now, Moriah has shared a new member of the Plath family, and fans are thrilled to see her so happy.

Moriah Plath welcomed a puppy into her family

In Season 4 of "Welcome to Plathville," fans watched as Moriah Plath went through a very public breakup with ex-boyfriend Max Kallschmidt (via Us Weekly). As she was still reeling from her breakup, Kallschmidt posted a video to social media that spread false rumors about their split, according to Moriah, who claims he cheated on her.

Now, Moriah may be healing her broken heart with a new addition to her family. The reality star revealed that the Plath clan has a new puppy in a video posted to Instagram. The heartwarming clip, complete with the caption "Blackjack is already so loved," shows the puppy hanging out with Moriah, Isaac, Micah, and the Plath patriarch Barry.

Fans showed their support for the news, with one commenting, "This makes my heart so happy," and another saying, "Awww a puppy can heal so much." Hopefully, this is only the beginning of more good things to come for the reality star.