Astrology Expert Reveals The Perfect Vacation Spot For A Leo - Exclusive

Those born under the sign of Leo (July 23- August 22) are true fire signs in every sense: passionate, driven, hot tempered, and warm-hearted (via Allure). Natural born leaders, Leos are likely to take center stage whether in a corporate board room, leading a hike or a bike ride, or planning a trip with friends. Ruled by the sun and represented by the lion, this sign burns brightly, bathing everyone around them in their palpable energy. Leos also roar as loudly as they purr, meaning when they're happy or in love or excited, everyone will know it. And when they're unhappy, angry, or upset, everyone will know that, too.


Leos boast major creative energy, and their highly-intelligent minds are always working, thinking, planning, and wondering. They love to adventure, explore, meet people, and make connections. While Leos may demand a great deal of attention, loyalty, and adoration, they provide those things equally to those they love. Few people are more generous with their heart or their resources than a Leo who cares about you. And where it comes to professional and personal goals, they work tirelessly to see them achieved. 

So when an always-moving Leo needs to take a break, where can they go for both adventure and relaxation? 

The perfect vacation for a Leo

The travel experts over at Jetsetter say that New Orleans is the ideal vacation destination for fiery Leo. Their thinking is that this historic city boasts vibrant culture, plenty of live music, uproarious bars and parties, and a great deal of aesthetic beauty and history from the architecture to the cemeteries. We asked Professional Astrologer Cameron Martin of Path and Purpose what he thought of a Leo heading to "NOLA" for a vacation, and he agreed it would be the perfect destination for a lively lion.  


"Leo is all about the party!" said Martin, and "is there a better place to party than New Orleans? A never ending array of people, music, jazz clubs, and celebrations line the streets of this historic city." he explained. "There are endless opportunities for Leo to shine, be in the limelight, and have a good time. And the Creole eats are sure to delight Leo's adventurous spirit."

Where to go and what to see

So once a Leo arrives in New Orleans, where should they head first? According to the Travel section over at US News, there are so many things to do and see, it might be difficult to get to them all in one trip! But driven Leo can surely squeeze in as much fun as possible. First, you might want to head to Frenchman Street, which will provide a more authentic local experience than the touristy Bourbon Street. Here you can check out multiple bars, nightspots, restaurants, galleries, and shopping opportunities. Don't get us wrong; we aren't knocking Bourbon Street, and it's definitely worth a visit, too!


The French Quarter is the historic heart of the city, and it is also a National Historic Landmark. Head there to take a walk and absorb the beautiful culture and architecture of this unique city. And since Leos are lovers of beauty, you should definitely take another walk through the Garden District, which is home to the city's most impressive and beautiful houses and landscaping.

The National World War II Museum is also located in New Orleans, so history lovers should make a stop. Tours of the local cemeteries will also provide fascinating history and stories, and swamp tours will introduce you to the unique ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico. Plenty to do and see for our curious cats.