The Truth About Ivana Trump's Relationship With Melania Trump

Seeing your former spouse with someone new can be extremely difficult, especially when your ex and his new wife become the president and first lady. Ivana Trump, who recently passed away at the age of 73 in her home in Manhattan, was Donald Trump's first wife. The two were married in 1977 and stayed together until 1992 when things ended in a bitter public divorce. Their relationship has since found peace as they worked together as co-parents; Ivana even told CNN in 2015, "Donald and I are the best of friends and together have raised three children that we love and are very proud of."

According to Vanity Fair, Donald reportedly called his first wife "his twin as a woman." So, how did his "female twin" get along with his wife Melania Trump? While it has never been explicitly stated that there was bad blood between Donald's former and current wife, there have been moments over the years that clue us into the women's true feelings about each other.

Ivana had lots to say about Melania as First Lady

Ivana Trump had a history of being critical of her ex-husband's current wife. In an interview with the British talk show "Loose Women," Ivana shared her thoughts about how Melania Trump was handling being the First Lady. She called her quiet and said she "doesn't go to too many places" (via Newsweek)

In a jaw-dropping 2017 interview with "Good Morning America," Ivana revealed that she didn't keep too close contact with her ex-husband, saying, ". . . I don't really want to cause any kind of jealousy or something like that because I'm basically Trump first wife, OK? I'm first lady" (via CNN). While she was clearly referring to being the first wife of former President Donald Trump, we can't help but sense some tension surrounding her feelings about her former husband's newest wife. According to CNN, Melania's communications director called Ivana's comments "attention-seeking and self-serving noise."

While their relationship was clearly not always an amicable one, the two share many of the same experiences; both women were immigrants that found refuge in the U.S., both were former models turned businesswomen and socialites, and both are beloved mothers who care deeply for their children. The Trump family has made several loving statements remembering Ivana and celebrating her life.

Ivana clearly liked Melania more than another Trump wife

Research suggests that approximately 60% of people claim to be friends with their ex after a breakup, according to Psychology Today. Whether exes remain amicable for children they share or simply because they value each other's friendship, the age-old phrase "let's still be friends" is usually a welcome one to hear after a breakup. While we admire their strength, sometimes things get complicated. It can be especially hard to forgive your ex when infidelity is involved — something Ivana Trump knew all too well. 

While Ivana had been skeptical of Melania Trump in the past, nothing compares to her relationship with Donald Trump's second wife Marla Maples, who had an affair with Donald while he was still married to Ivana. Ivana was more vocal about her distaste for Maples, and for good reason. According to "Raising Trump," Ivana's 2017 memoir, Maples approached her and said, "I'm Marla and I love your husband. Do you?" Ivana told Maples to "get lost" and cited that interaction as the moment she knew her marriage was over (via CBS News). 

Ivana reflected on Maples years later in her memoir and in an interview. "She's a showgirl. Never achieve anything in her life," she said on CBS' "Sunday Morning" (via Town & Country). Despite the bad blood, Tiffany Trump, the daughter of Maples and Donald, was present for Ivana's funeral. She paid her respects to her half-siblings' mother, per the Daily Mail.

An infidelity controversy also rocked Donald Trump's latest marriage

In many ways, Ivana Trump and Melania Trump had more in common over the years than they ever hoped to. Melania was also allegedly the victim of her husband's infidelity, which was made public knowledge as she adjusted to life as the first lady. Donald Trump allegedly had an affair with Stormy Daniels in 2006, just one year into his marriage with Melania (Via NPR). 

The reported affair became a matter of great public interest after it was revealed that Donald Trump's lawyer paid for Daniel's silence while he was running for president. Daniels gave detailed insight into the affair during a CBS "60 Minutes" interview in 2018. During it, she claimed that she was not a victim but that she came forward to raise awareness about Donald's history.

According to AP, Donald has repeatedly denied the affair despite the record of money sent to Daniels by his personal attorney. Melania continues to be married to the former president and has swatted away divorce rumors that circulated while the Trumps resided in the White House, per News. Forgiveness seems to be another thing Melania and Ivana have in common.