Astrology Expert Reveals The Perfect Vacation Spot For An Aquarius - Exclusive

People born under the sign of Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) are the "airiest" of air signs (via Allure). Often described as quirky (in a delightful way), this sign spends a great deal of time up in their heads, thinking, dreaming, and creating. While all air signs tend to have an altruistic nature, a dreamer's spirit, and a thirst for learning and intellectual pursuits, Aquarius is the epitome of all of these. Where Libra might have strong convictions and a humanitarian outlook, they tend to try and do good while also keeping the peace. Harmony is less important to an Aquarius, and they are perfectly comfortable being thought of as rebels or outsiders for the sake of a cause they care about. 

This sign has a style all their own, and is unapologetic about being exactly who they are. They have their hands in countless projects at any given time, as they are fascinated by everything from history to literature to art to nature. They are likely to choose a career that aligns well with their values and that they perceive as making the world a better place. 

So when a hardworking, constantly-dreaming Aquarius needs to take a break from it all, where should they go?    

The perfect place for an Aquarius to adventure

The travel experts over at Conde Nast Traveller suggest the best place for an Aquarius to explore during a vacation is the Ecuadorian Amazon. Their reasoning is that since this sign is ruled by Uranus, which rules innovation and intellectual questioning, Aquarius needs to be mentally stimulated in order to truly enjoy their time away. We asked professional Astrologer Cameron Martin of Path and Purpose what he thought of this assertion, and he wholeheartedly agreed. 

"Aquarius likes to do things differently, so why wouldn't they travel differently?' said Martin. "Aquarius teaches us that all things are vibrational, so spending time in one of the most pristine rainforests in the world is ideal for Aquarius," he explained. He said that in choosing to spend their vacation this way, this sensitive, adventurous air sign can "experience the vibrations of the vast biodiversity, connect with the locals living in the Amazonian jungle, and have the most unique experience" of their lives. 

What to know before you go

Once an Aquarius has decided to take the plunge and head to the Ecuadorian Amazon for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation full of exploration, culture, and natural wonder, what do they need to know before they go? It's a good idea to seek professional guidance to plan your trip down to the last detail to ensure your safety. The adventure experts over at Borders of Adventure say that a good way to get into the rainforest itself is to board a local bus heading there. The ride itself, which begins on main roads and thoroughfares, will take a few hours and slowly give way to smaller, gravel-paved roads leading into the mysterious rainforest. 

The Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest boasts over 1,400 different species of animals, not counting the 70,000 different insects and the 1,000 different types of trees. With a properly-guided tour, you are likely to see countless things you have never seen in your life. And that's to say nothing of the impressive landscapes themselves, featuring rivers, lakes, and dense rainforest. Sure to speak to hearts and souls of adventurous, unique Aquarius, this trip is one you'll remember for a lifetime.