Meghan Markle's Guest Editorship For Vogue Caused More Drama Than We Originally Thought

Every family has drama, but not everyone's drama is viewed by the entire world. Unless, of course, you're in the British royal family. Meghan Markle hasn't exactly had the smoothest transition into the group. After all, she did sit down for a tell-all interview with her husband, Prince Harry, and Oprah to explain how hard life was for her during her time in the U.K. Then there was the decision for her and Harry to step down as senior working members of the royal family. It turns out that much of the firm was reportedly upset with her following these events.

Adding to the drama, in July 2019, Meghan was announced as the guest editor of Vogue U.K.'s September Issue. The decision was reportedly made by the publication's editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful, according to the Independent. To outsiders, it felt like an iconic moment in royal family history, but apparently not everyone in the Duchess of Sussex's circle was excited by the magazine.

Meghan's guest editor edition of Vogue U.K. reportedly caused some major drama within the Windsor clan, and new details of the alleged issues are finally coming to light.

The royal family was supposedly 'blindsided' by the magazine

A lot goes into being the guest editor of a magazine. According to the Sussex Royal Instagram, Meghan Markle did a "deep dive into this process" and worked "quietly behind the scenes" for seven months to get the edition, titled "Forces For Change," out on newsstands (via Instagram). That's a major accomplishment for anyone, although there was reportedly one big problem with the achievement: The royal family didn't know about it.

According to the Independent, Tom Bower's new book, "Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors," states that the royal family was "blindsided" by the Vogue U.K. "Forces For Change" edition. Allegedly, the family didn't know about the magazine until the public did. The Times even suggests that Meghan "saw no reason to inform Palace officials about her decision" to work with the magazine. 

While a normal family member might keep this kind of news from their loved ones, Queen Elizabeth II is likely used to getting a heads up when it comes to important decisions. Especially considering that she does like to have "tight control" of her public image, according to the BBC. It makes sense that this apparent oversight might have ruffled a few royal feathers. 

Meghan and Vogue U.K. kept the job a secret

Meghan Markle may have wanted to keep her Vogue U.K. guest editorship private for a number of reasons, but her decision to reportedly keep the news from her loved ones wasn't necessarily well-received. When Meghan married Prince Harry, she became a senior working member of the royal family. The couple's wedding took place on May 19, 2018, and the Vogue magazine edition the Duchess of Sussex guest edited was released in September 2019. This means that she took the work during her time employed by the royal family.

It's unclear whether Meghan was paid by Vogue U.K., but, either way, it was still a job. Many people feel as though she probably should have told the family, especially when you consider that they have a tight relationship with the media (via The Guardian). Of course, Vogue also decided to keep the announcement under wraps. According to the Independent, editor-in-chief Edward Enninful was a part of keeping the September issue a secret, saying that there were "secret meetings, phone calls, and emails," between himself and the Duchess of Sussex.

The world may never know the true story behind the cover, but it's clear that Meghan is no longer a working member of the royal clan either way. Was the Vogue U.K. incident the beginning of the turmoil between Meghan, Harry, and the royal family? Unfortunately, there's no way to know for sure.