The Welcome To Plathville Star Olivia Plath Wants A Fresh Start With

Chances are if you're a lover of reality TV, you've heard of the TLC hit "Welcome to Plathville" which first aired on the network in 2019, per IMDb. While the show's inception centered around the shockingly strict and religious family of nine based in rural Georgia, over the course of four seasons, "Welcome to Plathville" has showcased the evolution of some of the oldest children branching out from their parents' authoritarian way of life, and finding their own places in the world.

Perhaps one of the primary insights and inspirations of independent life was set by Plaths' oldest son, Ethan, and his then-newlywed spouse, Olivia Plath, during the show's first season. During the first season, viewers watched as Ethan's parents, Kim and Barry, disapproved of Olivia's influence not just on Ethan, but on the family as a whole. Though some fans have speculated if the show is actually based in reality, it's been clear throughout the show's tenure that Ethan and Olivia both have yet to fully make amends with Ethan's parents.

Now, in perhaps the show's most transformational season yet, an extended olive branch might be in the cards for Olivia and one particular Plath family member.

Olivia Plath and her father-in-law, Barry, are trying to mend their relationship

Season 4 of "Welcome to Plathville" premiered in May, and since then, fans of the show have seen one bombshell drop after another. To note, Kim and Barry Plath are divorcing after over two decades of marriage, second eldest Plath daughter, Moriah, and her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, broke up after he allegedly cheated on her (via People), and Ethan Plath and his wife, Olivia, are still sorting out marital issues just a few years after tying the knot.

And as the current season continues, more and more drama follows. In a tweet by TLC previewing clips for this week's episode, Olivia is turning over a new life and apparently wants to repair her relationship with her father-in-law, Barry. While talking to her sister-in-law, Moriah, Olivia said, "I was talking to your dad last week."

Moriah, seemingly stunned, replied, "You were talking to my dad? Really?" Olivia then said, "I would really like to revisit things with him and like start off brand new."

The preview cuts to Barry saying, "This is really new territory" as the cameras show Ethan and Olivia walking on the Plath family farm in Cairo, Georiga. Whereas Kim, who has had a longtime feud with Olivia (according to Us Weekly), says in a confessional, "Ethan and Olivia don't want me there, so I wasn't invited."

Guess we'll just have to wait and see until the full episode comes out to see how this reunion unfolds.