If You're An Enneagram Type 7, You Should Try This Wellness Trend

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that includes nine archetypes and plenty of in-depth analysis on compatibility, strengths, and the factors that make us who we are. Type Seven is known as The Enthusiast, per The Enneagram Institute, and they are characterized by their desire to seek out new and exciting experiences and their tendency to avoid pain and deprivation.

As a Type Seven, you're always on the go and in the know, which can be exciting until social and mental burnout sets in. It feels unnatural for this full-speed-ahead type to carve out space for downtime, especially if that time feels unproductive, or worse, un-fun. This boredom-averse type is willing to jump threw hoops to dodge boredom, so intentional space from activities and stimulation may feel like a torturous endeavor. However, Type Sevens may be hitting a wall with no sure way over or around it, and this will inevitably begin affecting both their professional life and relationships if they don't give themselves adequate space to recover.

Type Seven may need to step back from over-stimulation

Type Sevens may need some serious R and R, according to The Every Girl, and their self-care summer round-up is here to help. They point to a digital detox as the ultimate move for the over-stimulated Seven, and it may be one of the only ways to curb their overactive FOMO (aka fear of missing out). If Seven checks out on all their friends' adventures, more low-key activities may finally appeal to the thrill-seeking type since they won't be comparing themselves to their peers.

If taking a full break from social media is too much, the outlet recommends unplugging early in the night and letting your imagination kick back in for a relaxing evening. Type Seven may fear boredom, but they are anything but dull when left to their own devices, and they can unwind by diving into a new book or hobby that feels nourishing.

With all that in mind, Type Seven has a chance to wind down without fully tapping out from their exciting lives. Depending on their level of need, Type Seven can take this step to the extreme, since they notoriously love a challenge, or they can integrate it more subtly into their routines for long-term results.

Introduce some simple routines

Mindbodygreen's recommendation for Type Seven self-care may have local Enthusiasts running for the hills, but their counterintuitive suggestion may turn out to be a lifesaver. The outlet suggests cultivating routines that serve their daily goals and recenter intentions in the Seven's busy schedule. Though Type Seven covets their freedom and independence from obligations, they may not be listening to their body and mind's needs as attentively as they could be. 

Mindbodygreen suggests picking three tasks per day that Type Seven can stick to on a consistent basis. Their first major routine shift could include mini digital detoxes or a similar step toward mindfulness. They can be wake-up or wind-down routines, goal-setting, or more abstract actions, but the consistency will re-center Seven in their priorities and strengths. Especially for the Seven who have taken on too much, three tasks they can check off their list every day may be a major point of satisfaction. And for the free-spirited Seven, can change these rituals around as they see fit. What's important is taking the time to check in with themselves and honor a practice that brings them joy or a feeling of accomplishment on a regular basis.