Which Fan-Favorite Characters Are Making A Comeback In Season 4 Of Virgin River?

At the end of Season 3, Netflix's hit series "Virgin River" left fans with some intense cliffhangers. According to Distractify, John (nicknamed "Preacher") was drugged and abandoned in the woods, seemingly left to die. Hope's fate was also uncertain in the season finale after it was revealed that she was in a coma following a car crash. "Virgin River" also has yet to expose the person who was actually responsible for Jack's shooting, since Brady, the scapegoat for the crime, seemed to be innocent.

But perhaps the biggest cliffhanger of all focused on the show's main character Mel, who told Jack that she was pregnant — but isn't sure who the father is. With so many characters' lives in limbo, viewers have a lot to look forward to in Season 4. Here's a rundown on which fan-favorite characters are expected to return when new episodes begin streaming on Netflix on July 20.

Mel and Jack will face pregnancy drama in Season 4

Mel and Jack's paternity issue will likely be the main storyline of Season 4, with an official trailer highlighting the ups and downs the pair will face in the show's 12 new episodes. In the clip, Jack expresses hesitancy to do a paternity test, in the event that the baby actually shares DNA with Mark, Mel's deceased husband, per People. The trailer also reveals that Jack's father is in town, which appears to test Jack's confidence in himself to become a parent.

To deal with his stress, Jack begins drinking, which creates friction with pregnant Mel. According to one scene, the two may even separate as they try to work through their issues.

It's worth noting that there's no baby (or visible baby bump) in the season trailer. Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel, told Us Weekly, "With [Mel's] history, her fertility issues and [previously] having a stillborn baby at such a late stage in pregnancy, you don't know if she's going to be able to [carry the baby to term]." Fans will have to wait and see if a new bundle of joy is added to the cast.

Familiar characters will make a comeback in Season 4

Mel and Jack's relationship may be the major focal point of "Virgin River" in Season 4, but they aren't the only fan-favorite characters returning to the series. Us Weekly confirms that most of the main cast members from previous seasons, including Preacher, Hope, Doc, and Brie are set to reappear in the new season. The Independent also reports that Charmaine, Lizzie, and Ricky are among the characters expected to make a comeback.

Brady, who has been locked away in prison according to the show's trailer, will also be in the fourth season and may be cleared of his charges with the help of a private investigator.

Besides the return of familiar characters, "Virgin River" will also uncover some fresh faces — such as Cameron, a new handsome doctor, according to Movie Web — that are sure to add more drama to the show's fictional California town.