How Did Renovation Island's Bryan And Sarah Baeumler Meet?

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have mastered the art of working and living together. Fans loved following the licensed contractor and interior designer on the HGTV hit "Renovation Island," which followed the couple as they renovated a resort on a Bahamian island.

While the show introduced the Baeumlers to the United States, the duo was already popular in Canada after starring in "House of Bryan," which aired on HGTV's sister network, DIY. Bryan also starred in the DIY shows "Leave It to Bryan" and "Disaster DIY." 

The decision to relocate their family to the Bahamas, however, was Bryan and Sarah's boldest move yet. "This is the biggest change our family has faced and the largest project we've ever taken on," said Bryan, per HGTV. "What are we risking? Absolutely everything."

The project was not only expensive — with the Baeumlers investing more than $10 million into renovating the island resort — but the couple also had to adjust to living on the small island of South Andros, which included the family of six living together in a one-bedroom villa, per People. But, while the stress could sometimes get Bryan and Sarah, they remained a strong unit through it all.

So how did the Baeumlers' love story begin?

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler met in high school

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler met in high school, where he was a senior and she was a freshman. However, the two didn't start a romance until 10 years later after a friend copied them on the same email. They then began chatting and met up for coffee before going out on an official first date in September 2001 in Toronto.

"Bryan had planned an evening out on the town for us," Sarah told Streets of Toronto. "First we went and saw 'The Lion King' theatre production, which was fantastic. Afterwards, we went for a lovely sushi dinner. He definitely pulled out all the stops, and it was a very exciting first date."

Three years later, Bryan was ready to pop the question in Nova Scotia during a trip to see his family, but the proposal didn't go exactly as planned. Although he had wanted to propose during a romantic hike near the ocean, thick fog caused him to rethink the idea. Then, on the car ride home, they got a flat tire. "Needless to say, it wasn't the romantic journey Bryan was expecting, so he waited until later that night to pop the question," Sarah recalled. 

Of course, Sarah said yes, and the couple tied the knot in Toronto in 2004. Their 89 guests enjoyed an ice cream bar, a candy bar, and "the most jaw-dropping cheese bar," Sarah told HGTV Canada.

The Baeumlers make sure their marriage stays strong

In addition to their thriving careers, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler are also parents to four children: Quintyn, Charlotte, Lincoln, and Josephine. And, while kids and work keep them busy, they make sure their relationship is a priority. 

Sarah told Vancouver Mom that they're raising their children to understand "that Mommy and Daddy need time to be adults and friends to one another," adding that the couple wants them to know that "we need to put time and love into our own friendship." With that in mind, Bryan and Sarah enjoy spending a night alone or traveling for business together when they can. 

As for their experience on "Renovation Island," the Baeumlers hope that it has taught their children the value of money and working hard for what they want. "Understanding the value of things in the short term versus the long term is important. And if you save and raise the money for something you really want, you develop a pride of ownership," Bryan explained to RBC Royal Bank.