If You're An Enneagram Type 9, You Should Consider Pursuing This Career

So, you've taken the Enneagram test and learned that you're a Nine — aka "the Peacemaker" (via The Enneagram Institute). As a Nine, your peace of mind and harmony is of the utmost importance to you. You are likely creative, optimistic, and easygoing. You're a natural at making others feel calm and keeping conflict at bay. These traits give you a tendency to be well-liked (via Truity).

Understanding what your Enneagram number means can help you make important decisions and changes in your life. From what city you should move to if you're an Enneagram Nine to which types Nines are most compatible with, your type can tell you a lot about yourself. It can even tell you what career path would make you happiest. It's not easy knowing if a career will be a good fit for you before you start pursuing it, but using your Enneagram type to determine your direction is a surefire way of making sure that your choice will fit your needs.

Work environments Nines should look for

Since your Enneagram type is decided based on the way you think and feel, it's no wonder that knowing your type can help you determine the work environment that will make you feel the most comfortable and set up for success. As someone who's great at minimizing conflict and making those around you feel calm, you're an asset to team morale in any work environment that involves collaborating with others (via The Enneagram Institute).

Work-life balance is one of the most important aspects of your job. As a result, you should seek out a position with lots of flexibility and plenty of time off (via Life Goals Mag). You should also strive to land somewhere that doesn't give you an overwhelming amount of responsibilities. Since you're conflict avoidant, you may be likely to stay in a job longer than you want to or avoid speaking up about your needs. Keep this in mind during your job search and make finding an environment that makes you feel comfortable and non-threatened when speaking up a top priority.

The best jobs for Nines

What careers are the best fits for Enneagram Nines? Since Nines are usually naturally creative and imaginative, artistic careers are often a great fit (via The Enneagram Institute). Being an artist of any kind will allow you to flex your creative muscle, and you'll often get the kind of flexibility you seek in a job (via Life Goals Mag). Beyond being creative, you also have a natural calmness and a knack for making others feel supported. This allows you to excel in roles like librarian, teacher, veterinarian, or mental healthcare professional (via The Career Project).

If these career paths don't sound like the right fit, then it's likely that you should try leaning into your talent for mediating and resolving conflict. You may be able to utilize these skills by pursuing a role as a guidance counselor, social worker, or even an HR representative. As a Nine, you have so many natural skills and talents that will make you an asset to many different work environments. Matching this with your own needs is sure to find you your perfect career match.