How The July 28 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Gemini

A new moon is upon us, and the lunation will be a big one for people looking to manifest. The new moon on July 28, 2022, will appear in the sky under the sign of Leo. The lunar event will reportedly encourage many of the zodiac signs to tap into their own personal talents and abilities and be inspired to put them to good use, per PopSugar.

The outlet also notes that those who have been pushing aside some parts of themselves will be ready to let loose and show off everything that makes them special and unique, and big changes could be on the way.

There are many ways to work with the energy of a new moon. According to Well + Good, many new moon rituals include unplugging and getting in touch with your inner self. Some activities that may help you do so include putting away your phone and being more present in your life, spending time with the people who fill your soul will love and light, and showing gratitude to the moon.

Other ways to tap into your spiritual side during the new moon include using crystals, doing a tarot card reading, lighting candles, and setting your intentions for the days, weeks, and months ahead so that you can manifest those intentions into reality.

For those born under the sign of Gemini, the new moon could be a time of busy social engagements and new beginnings.

Gemini might see a rise in their social status during the new moon

For those born under the sign of Gemini (May 21 to June 20), the new moon on July 28 will have your social calendar booked, per Bustle. Gemini will be feeling ready to mingle during the lunation, which will be all about connecting with others. 

Now is a great time to fill your time doing things you love with the people you love. So be a bit more friendly to your co-workers, engage in meaningful conversations with your significant other, or call a friend that you haven't seen for a while and make plans to meet up.

Allure notes that Jupiter will be going into retrograde in the sign of Aries during the new moon, which will offer a reminder for Gemini not to neglect any important relationships during a time when it feels that everyone will be wanting to get closer to you. Enjoy the attention and be present in the moment whether you're making new friends, connecting with a longtime pal, or spending time with a significant other.

Gemini might have a big decision to make during the new moon on July 28

Because the new moon on July 28 will focus on communication where Gemini is concerned, the air sign might feel ready to finally spill some of their deepest thoughts (via Woman & Home). 

Not only may Gemini be busy sharing their thoughts, but they might also feel compelled to show more of their true self to those around them. If the sign reveals some of their unique charm and characteristics, some like-minded people may start to come into their lives — and maybe even a romantic partner.

According to Metro, the tarot card that represents Gemini during the time of the new moon is the Two of Swords. The card hints that Gemini may be weighing the options about a big decision that may change the course of your life. The decision might be a tough one to make, but you'll have to do it regardless of fear or anxiety. 

The card references picking a route that makes the most sense and has great potential, even if it does come with risks. Once you make your choice, have faith in it and stand by your decision. You may feel like you've unlocked something big within yourself and have unlimited potential as you walk a bold new path.

Gemini seems to have big things on the horizon, but surrounding themselves with loved ones may help ease their transition into whatever comes next.