The Surprising Amount Of Coffee Nearly 30% Of People Revealed They Drink In A Day

There's nothing quite like waking up to the smell of a fresh pot of coffee first thing in the morning. We love coffee and all its many forms: some enjoy it light and iced with a mountain of whipped cream, while others prefer a scalding hot dark roast with the slightest pinch of sugar. Some coffee connoisseurs invest in the latest French press technology and high-end espresso machines, while others trust their local barista to make it just the way they like it.

Known for its distinctly nutty scent, its bitter sweetness, and its versatility, coffee is the go-to drink for anyone who needs a caffeinated pep in their step. But how many cups of coffee are people really having each day? A survey conducted by The List asked 573 people, "How many cups of coffee do you typically drink each day?" The answers have us asking ourselves if there really is such a thing as too much coffee.

How much is too much coffee?

Coffee has become a symbol of the casual first date, a mascot for late night study sessions, and a remedy for overworked employees who just "need a little pick me up." But how often do people enjoy it each day? According to The List's survey results, a majority of people drink only two cups of coffee per day, with almost 30% of the vote. Even more surprisingly were the answers that took second and third place: 28.45% of people said they do not drink any coffee during the day, while another almost 25% said they only enjoy one cup each day. The responses dwindled afterwards, with only 10% of people claiming they enjoy three cups of joe per day, while less than 5% admitted they drink four cups, and a mere 3.32% reported five or more cups of coffee each day.

We've all heard the saying, "Don't have too much of a good thing," but does that really have to apply to our favorite cup of caffeinated goodness? Experts say, yes. The Mayo Clinic reports that 400 milligrams is the maximum amount of caffeine a person should ingest daily in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is about four cups of coffee. Enjoying a cup of joe also can also have major health benefits. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the antioxidants in coffee can reduce internal inflammation, help your body process sugars, fight off diseases, and even strengthen your DNA!

Cool coffee facts you probably didn't know

Coffee has a long journey before it becomes the bubbling cup of perfection sitting in your favorite mug. Coffee beans are grown on a plant that can stretch 10 meters tall, per The Roasterie. The "beans" are actually seeds found inside of cherries that bloom on coffee plants, which can take three to five years to produce, but we are more than willing to wait. According to NPR, coffee plants originally derived from Ethiopia, and expanded across the globe once people learned how to roast and steep them into the beverage we know and love today.

Coffee isn't the only caffeinated beverage brewed at high temps and enjoyed around the world. With nearly 29% of people opting out of morning coffee, we can't forget to ask the age-old question — "Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker?" While team coffee is a dedicated group, tea is actually more widely enjoyed. According to Coffee Affection, tea is one of the world's most consumed beverages, second only to water. In 2021, 297 billion liters of tea were consumed worldwide. Like coffee, tea has major health benefits and has significance in cultures around the world (via Insider). Whether you fancy yourself a tea drinker or a coffee enthusiast, we can all agree that a fun beverage in your hand goes a long way, and might just be the motivation you need to cross things off your to-do list this week.