How The July 28 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Capricorn

If you've been feeling disconnected from yourself lately, you're not the only one. Not only has Cancer season finally come to a close, but Leo season is kicking off with an alignment between the sun and moon in the fixed fire sign. That's right: the new moon on Thursday, July 28 will be joining the Sun in Leo, per AstroStyle.

According to AstroStyle, the new moon will be reaching its full power at 1:54 p.m EST, giving every sign a much-needed self-esteem boost, notes Elite Daily. The new moon will provide a moment of peace, per Nylon, in what feels like a turbulent astrological time. As the ruler of the fifth house of creativity and pleasure, the energy Leo is bringing this new moon will be passionate and confidence-boosting, giving you a firm energetic foundation to stand tall on.

To make the most of the July 28 new moon and this newest lunar cycle, you're going to want to check your birth chart to see where Leo sits; even if Leo doesn't have a space in your sun, moon, or ascendant signs, Elite Daily points out Leo is probably still somewhere in your chart and can help explain what draws people to you, which is the exact area you're going to want to spend extra time on not just during this new moon, but this whole lunar cycle.

But go gentle into this new moon: for Capricorns and Capricorn Ascendants, this new moon may get emotional.

Jupiter will bring much-needed harmony to the July 28 new moon

Leo's fire and passion won't be the only energy mixing during the July 28 new moon. While the moon itself isn't interacting with any specific planets, other planetary movements around the time of the new moon may have an impact on how we feel the day, Nylon says.

Mercury, the ruler of communications, squares off with Mars right before the new moon before shifting to squaring with Uranus on the day of the new moon, per PopSugar. These transitions have the potential to be disrupting, Nylon warns, which could mean a bigger potential for misunderstandings or bigger conflicts. In the days surrounding the July 28 new moon, give yourself time to breathe and respond rather than react.

But Jupiter will also be in play, adding some much-needed harmony to this potentially volatile mix. Jupiter, Cafe Astrology explains, will encourage those feelings of needing to grow and improve that you're already experiencing from Leo. Jupiter also stations retrograde in Aries the day of the new moon, according to The Astro Twins, where Chiron also sits, forming a trine with the sun and moon. All of these placements only serve to further infuse the day with hope and optimism, says Bustle, which is exactly the outlook you need when you're trying to breathe new life into old parts of yourself — especially, the Astro Twins explain, if those parts have been long hidden away because you've been afraid to be you.

Set boundaries so you can grow, Capricorn

There's a line between being admired and respected, and during the July 28 new moon, it's a good time for you to figure out where that line is for you, Capricorn. We know you'd prefer not to be the center of attention, but rather at your desk, getting the job done, and letting the work speak for itself (via Co-Star Astrology). But Capricorn, this new moon in Leo is telling you it's time to put yourself at the center of your own attention.

One question to ask yourself might be whether or not you're feeling seen or respected by your romantic partner, work partner, or friends, suggests astrologer Chani Nicholas. "All that glitters is not necessarily gold," she warns, "but every twinkle requires serious investigation." There needs to be room at the table for you to shine, too.

Like Co-Star Astrology points out, one of a Capricorn's biggest fears is failure. During this new moon, it's a good time to come up with a plan on shedding that fear. "You deserve to feel safe, supported, and self-confident," notes Bustle, and the July 28 new moon is the perfect time to lean into Leo's confidence-boosting comfort to learn how to let people in. Connection with others is important for physical and mental health, but part of this learning, Bustle points out, includes knowing your emotional limits and being comfortable enforcing them. 

Remember: growth isn't always comfortable, but it's worth the work when you're on the other side.