How The July 28 New Moon Will Affect You If You're An Aquarius

With summer officially in full swing, everyone's basking in the sunshine, and the shorter nights may mean the moon has slipped your mind. But while summer is a time for fun and the sun, it's also the mid-way point of the year. As we enter the second half of the calendar, everyone is taking stock of how far they've come and how far they need to go. It's time to check in on those New Year's resolutions and see how well you've committed to them. What better time to renew your desire for change than under the July 28 new moon

The new moon in Leo captures all things Leo: fun, boldness, and excitement. New moons are all about change and transformation, especially new beginnings. This new moon in Leo is the perfect opportunity to tap into that fiery bold attitude and embrace change. Astrologer Donna Page explains to Women's Health Magazine that this new moon is all about making things happen and bravely leaning into newness. New moons are known for their energy that aids manifestation and intention-setting, so why not embrace that and manifest the second half of the year to look exactly how you want it to? 

Of course, every new moon affects each zodiac sign differently depending on how the planets align. Well, considering this new moon is in your opposite sign, what promise could it hold for you, Aquarius?  

Love is in the air for Aquarius

When a new moon lands in a zodiac sign's opposing sign, you can feel the energy shifting. For Aquarius (January 19 to February 20), the July 28 new moon landing in Leo may feel pretty intense, but the intensity can inspire change — the romantic type. Love is in the air for you this new moon, Aquarius. The new moon lands in your seventh house of relationships and it calls you to evaluate them closely, per Elite Daily. Your relationships should be fulfilling and add joy to your life, but lately, they've been feeling more draining. This new moon is the time to confront that energy and make the changes necessary to make sure your cup is being filled rather than emptied. 

It's not all about serious uprooting — this new moon you will also notice people noticing you. You'll feel the love coming from unexpected places, and this new moon could be the perfect time to explore that new spark and start something new and exciting, per Woman & Home. Your love life should spark joy, it shouldn't feel stale — so perhaps it's time for a change for the better? The most important thing is that you focus on communication, Aquarius. Communicate your feelings clearly to every party involved, and explain your needs and how you'd like them to be met. You can never go wrong if you're honest.  

Avoid conflict by being honest this new moon

Communication is especially key for you this new moon, Aquarius, in order to avoid hurting people. Astrologer Ryan Marquardt told Bustle, "Aquarius loves to be in an observational role, but this new moon could have them bearing witness to destruction in the life of someone they love." 

While new exciting prospects are on the horizon, that doesn't mean disrespecting existing people in your life. Navigate things carefully to avoid potential drama. Marquardt added, "The new moon will rope them [Aquarians] into the drama somehow. With the Mars/Uranus conjunction happening in Aquarius' fourth house, it's likely that there's an emerging conflict between Aquarius' partner and their home or family life." 

You'll want to tread lightly with so much explosive energy in the air for you, Aquarius. This new moon is also calling you to pay attention to how you interact in your relationships, so potential conflict is the perfect opportunity to rise above and be the person you want to be, per Style Caster. How you enter this new chapter can determine how it unfolds, so you want to put your best foot forward. New beginnings under a new moon can be a positive thing so long as you approach them the right way.