5 BIPOC-Owned Beauty Brands To Check Out For National Lipstick Day

Lipstick is a staple item in just about everybody's makeup arsenal. In an ever-growing beauty market, there are so many new and unique products and so many variations — but lipstick is the universal piece that has stood the test of time. No matter what your makeup routine, no matter how extreme or minimal, lipstick remains a must-have step. Such a widely loved product, it's only right that it would have a day dedicated to it. 

July 29th is officially national lipstick day, per National Days Today. A day dedicated entirely to celebrating the iconic makeup product we all love ... Well, that and an excuse to buy yourself a brand new lipstick to add to the overflowing pile you already have at home — not to mention the five taking up space in your handbag. The more the merrier? 

Making a makeup purchase in today's market can be pretty headache-inducing. While it's great that there's such a vast variety of options available, it can verge on too much variety making it impossible to make a decision. Well, with such an overpopulated beauty market, it helps to narrow things down by selecting your products based on the brand. And of course, any new makeup purchase is always an excuse to support the amazing range of BIPOC-owned beauty brands

BIPOC-owned beauty brands have experienced an explosion of popularity over the past couple of years. Iconic BIPOC makeup artists and creatives have been dropping insane-quality products for a hot minute, so use this national lipstick day to show them some love by choosing from one of the brands below — trust us, your lips will thank you too.

The Lip Bar

It's probably only right to kick this list off with the BIPOC-owned beauty brand whose name is dedicated entirely to lips. Who knew that a popular beauty brand would have its beginnings as a "Shark Tank" reject? Well, CEO Melissa Butler definitely proved the investors wrong when she went ahead with The Lip Bar and ended up a huge success sold in Targets and Walmarts nationwide, per Bustle. Butler saw the lack of diversity in the beauty market and decided it was time to create a brand that catered to everybody, and she was going to do it using amazing formulas too. 

The Lip Bar is a vegan minimalist brand that is all about simple products that suit every complexion. The brand has now expanded into base products including foundations and face palettes, but it is on this list for its iconic lip products. The Lip Bar lived up to its name with its Nonstop Liquid Matte Lipstick range. If you're a matte lip girl, this formula is the perfect pick for you this national lipstick day. The Nonstop Liquid Mattes offers a silky smooth final result as opposed to the typical crusty flaky liquid lipstick era. They are infused with vitamin E and jojoba oil to keep your lips hydrated and nourished while your matte lips last all day long. The range's crown jewel is the shade Hot Mama which is the perfect true red lipstick that won't transfer all over the place.

Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath's reputation precedes her. The iconic professional makeup artist has countless accolades to her name, from being named one of Time Magazine's Top 100 most influential people to Queen Elizabeth II making her a dame, per Byrdie. That's not to mention her stunning portfolio of work as a respected celebrity makeup artist that has beautified the faces of everyone from Kendall Jenner to Rihanna. McGrath's talent speaks for itself as her Instagram is filled with unique makeup creations, but she shook the beauty world when she decided to release her very own luxury beauty brand. 

Pat McGrath Labs certainly lived up to the high expectations it set. While the price points are on the higher side, the quality of the range is definitely worth it. Pat McGrath Labs has expanded to now even include a skincare range, but it's the lip product formulas that people can't get enough of. The brand has everything you could need to celebrate national lipstick day. You could opt for one of her Lust: Glosses or the Lip Fetish Balms. Refinery29's Lydia Raghven was especially impressed by Pat McGrath's ability to perfect a diverse lip shade range that works for women of color — this is part of the magic of BIPOC-owned beauty brands. But the best part of all is that Pat McGrath Labs have a 30% sale on lip products in celebration of national lipstick day!

B. Simone Beauty

Celebrity beauty brands are often met with skepticism, but sometimes they get it right in a way that earns them a spot competing with existing trusted brands that have been loved for years. When rapper and comedienne B. Simone broke into the beauty industry, she was definitely the latter. B. Simone Beauty's success speaks for itself, as the brand immediately earned $100k within the first two months it launched, per Vibe. The brand included some makeup bags and accessories, but the stars of the show were the range of lip products. 

B. Simone Beauty includes a range of Lip Mattes, and Lip Pencils, and the star of the show has to be the Lip Glosses. It doesn't get much shinier than this, the lip glosses come in a selection of shades including clear and it's the perfect topper for any lip look. With an ultra-shiny finish, the glosses have a unique creamy texture that allows them to be more long-wearing than most glosses. If you choose one of the colored glosses, you can easily wear them alone thanks to the high pigmentation they come in. Aside from how great the formula is, you'll also feel good about the fact that it's a vegan and cruelty-free brand!

Uoma Beauty

With a name that translates to mean beauty, UOMA definitely delivers stunning beauty products that live up to it. Founder Sharon Chuter made sure that when she launched a beauty brand it would be about so much more than just a few makeup products, it would have a message. Chuter's passion and efforts to bring inclusivity into the beauty scene have been admirable, and she has spearheaded part of the diverse beauty mission, and she has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Speaking to Allure about UOMA Beauty, Chuter teased, "Right now, we are still focusing on makeup and skincare, but we are going to go beyond that." 

UOMA Beauty has gotten a lot of buzz for its base products, and people just cannot get enough of the Say What Foundation. However, not enough is said for its lip products. The brand offers a range of matte lipsticks, lip liners, and lip glosses, per UOMA Beauty. But nothing quite matches the unique Black Magic Hypnotic Impact High Shine Lipsticks, the shape and detail in each bullet are beautiful to look at but it's nothing compared to how beautifully they apply on the lips. Formulated with subtle shimmers that emphasize the sheen, these lipsticks give a crazy amount of shine. Chuter couldn't have nailed it more with the name — they're magic.

Danessa Myricks Beauty

While each of the brands listed above has its own unique and creative spin on beauty, Danessa Myricks definitely takes things to an entirely new level. The New York-based makeup artist has always been a fan favorite of makeup lovers, her Instagram page stands alone as a muse for creative and intricate makeup looks. Myricks' talent is undeniable, and her beauty brand Danessa Myricks Beauty definitely doesn't fall short. 

Danessa Myricks Beauty has earned the title as a go-to brand for professional makeup artists that want to inject a dose of Myricks' creativity into their kit. The brand is anything but your run-of-the-mill makeup brand, each product pays such close attention to the formula that countless products have won awards such as Cosmopolitan's Holy Grail Awards and Marie Claire's Prix D'Excellence De Beaute, per Danessa Myricks Beauty

If you're looking to inject some bold fun into your lips this national lipstick day, then look no further because Danessa Myricks multi-purpose beauty products can all be used to create art on your lips — you can't go wrong with anything from her Colorfix range!