This Is The Relieving Answer 52% Of People Have About How Often They Shower

Don't you just love the sound of your singing voice while you're taking a shower? Belting out "Driver's License" with a shampoo bottle microphone in hand surrounded by the perfect bathroom acoustics, it's a wonder that we aren't all professional pop stars. Whether you start your morning with an ice cold shower to wake yourself up or prefer the relaxing steam of the hot water after a long day at work, showers are an important part of a person's hygiene routine — we may even argue it's the most important part. 

Contrary to popular belief, there's no magic number for how often someone should take a shower, per Today. Of course, you may not want to know what happens to your body if you don't shower for a year, but your hygiene practices are personal to you. What is most important is simply that they are practiced and you shower the right way. The List was curious about how many times people actually "lather, rinse, and repeat," conducting a survey of 573 people who were asked: "How often do you shower?" The results will have you reaching for your nearest loofa.

Most people you know have probably showered today

All bodies are unique, and require different amounts of personal hygiene: Some people can run a mile without breaking a sweat, while others need to reapply deodorant once the temperature reaches 80 degrees. But how often do people actually shower on average? The survey conducted by The List reported that a majority of people take a shower every single day, earning 52.36% of the vote. 26% of people shower every other day, and almost 10% of people shower two to three times per week on average.

While it's been stated that there is no magic number you must adhere by, WebMD suggests that bathing at least two to three a week is the recommended amount, unless a person's lifestyle is particularly active and requires more frequent showering to combat sweat and dirt collected throughout the day. The lowest answer with less than 4% of the vote was showering once a week, but the most surprising answer with 8.9% of the vote was for showering multiple times per day. Although, it makes sense that some people might enjoy a midday wash and refresh after a workout, and then rinse off before bed as a part of a nighttime skincare routine. 

With all the high-tech products nowadays that enhance the bathing experience, we don't blame people for enjoying more than one trip to their shower.

How to elevate your shower experience

According to Healthline, the average shower lasts eight minutes. However, for those of us who perform an entire concert or TED talk while we bathe, sometimes a longer lather is just what the doctor ordered. There's a perfect shower routine out there for you, it's all about finding products: Harper's Bazaar recommends products like REN skincare for those who struggle with dry skin and eczema. 

For hair wash days, Cosmopolitan recommends investing in a deep conditioner for all hair types like Camille Rose Algae Renew that will restore any heat damage and breakage your hair has endured. For those looking to take their shower game a step further, aromatherapy shower tablets are perfect for the nights when you need some lavender scented stress relief (via Byrdie).

Vogue also recommends investing in your surroundings: Your bathroom's lighting, cleanliness, and bathing accessories can make a huge difference. Plug in a salt lamp, turn on your high-tech rain shower with water softening features, and indulge with a coconut scented body scrub for perfectly smooth and healthy-looking skin. Light a fancy candle to create the perfect ambiance and enjoy (just remember to blow it out when you're done!). Showering can be so much more than an eight-minute trip to the bathroom; make it part of your self-care ritual by treating yourself each time you wash — and remember to thank your body for all it does for you.