Donald Trump's Awkward Reaction To A Patriotic Anthem Has Twitter In A Tizzy

Since Donald Trump's presidency concluded in January 2021, he's been in and out of the public eye. Perhaps most obviously is his alleged involvement in the January 6 riots on the Capitol, in which Trump is currently being investigated by the Justice Department

Besides those major January 6th hearings that captured everyone's attention this summer, Trump has lived a relatively quiet life in Palm Beach, Florida (via WPTV). With Trump under a microscope, he apparently occupies his time in a multitude of ways. For one, this past year Trump has endorsed approximately 200 candidates during this year's midterm elections, The New York Times reported. And according to an official statement on Trump's website, he stated he's "writing like crazy" working on "the book of all books."

But what's got folks talking on Twitter is in regards to one of Trump's favorite pastimes: golf. And during one tournament he recently attended, his actions during 'God Bless America' has people criticizing Trump's behavior.

Donald Trump got confused during a rendition of 'God Bless America'

One of the ways Donald Trump has been spending his life post-presidency has been playing golf in his current home state of Florida. In fact, he recently made headlines for sporting golf gear that could potentially get him in legal trouble. The LIV Golf Invitational Series Tournament based in New Jersey showed Trump's official U.S. government seal on full display. A video was captured and is now going viral on Twitter.

The video depicts Trump standing next to a man who is singing 'God Bless America,' and seems confused about what to do during the patriotic song. One Twitter user pointed out that this isn't the first occurrence where Trump has been befuddled on what to do during the Irving Berlin song, posting a video during a former Celebration of America event. Another user concurred, tweeting: "He is always trying to figure out what he's supposed to do while 'God Bless America' is sung, no matter where he is."

One user considered that Trump may be confusing "God Bless America" with the "National Anthem." The tweet read, "He thinks it's the Star Spangled Banner! There is no formal 'God Bless America' song etiquette as it is not our national anthem. Stand if you are asked, it shows respect. Taking your hat or cap off is not necessary. Placing your hand over your heart is not necessary."