Why Do Some People Crave Sour Foods During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is full of changes, not only to your physical body but to your mental capacities as well. One of the most talked about pregnancy symptoms is the appearance of cravings. And whether your cravings are common, like pickles or peanut butter, or slightly odd, like tuna and ice-cream mixed together, it's important to know that overall, most pregnancy cravings are completely normal, according to a research study published in Frontiers in Psychology.

Although they may be normal, the reason behind pregnancy cravings is actually unknown. Many people think there may be a correlation between cravings and the increased need for nutrients and vitamins and the change in hormones, but according to Healthline, there isn't sufficient scientific data to support those claims. Some of the most common food cravings during pregnancy are fruits, sweets, pickles, and dairy — specifically yogurt, cheese and milk, per On Health. But if you are craving sour foods, like sour candies, citrus fruits or even odd things like sauerkraut, there may be a reason behind it.

Craving sour foods may be correlated to morning sickness

If you are suddenly having an intense urge to reach for those sour candies each night, don't fret. According to a study published in Frontiers in Psychology, craving sour foods is a completely normal occurrence when pregnant. As long as they're eaten in moderation, indulging in a few Sour Patch Kids candies each day won't cause any issues. However, if you're wondering why you have this craving, you may want to look at your physical symptoms.

If you have experienced morning sickness during your pregnancy, you may have been given the advice to suck on a lemon or eat an orange to help ward off the nausea. Sour foods can often help alleviate that uneasy feeling. Even if your morning sickness has passed, your body may still crave sour foods to prevent it from returning, Pregnancy Food Checker notes. This works because sour foods increase saliva production, which helps with nausea, according to Natural Baby Life. But is there more to craving sour foods than just a nausea alleviator?

Can sour food cravings predict your baby's sex?

There are a lot of pregnancy myths out there. According to Scripps Health, the idea that you can't work out or color your hair while pregnant is vastly untrue. And don't believe anyone who gives you a magic cream to get rid of stretch marks. (Stretch marks are normal and cannot be avoided or erased if you do get them.) But what about myths surrounding the sex of the baby?

According to WebMD, some of the most common sex myths are that morning sickness indicates a baby girl and carrying a pregnancy low in the uterus indicates a baby boy. Yet another myth suggests that craving sour foods might hint at the sex of your new baby. Per Pregnancy Food Checker, the myth is that a hankering for sour foods may mean you are having a baby girl.

If you are having a serious craving for sour candies, Closer recommends opting for a lemon sorbet instead or making a citrus fruit salad. This can help cure your cravings while avoiding overindulging.