Things Aren't Looking Good For Olivia Ahead Of The Welcome To Plathville Season 4 Finale

Reality TV fans love a unique family — from the Kardashian family now on Hulu to the Chrisley gang on USA, there's always juicy drama when it comes to family. But instead of glitz and glamor, with the Plaths of rural Georgia, it's pretty much the opposite. "Welcome to Plathville," on TLC since 2019, follows the lives of Kim and Barry Plath, who have nine kids who grew up without TV, technology, and even soda, per People. The show includes not just the Plath parents and kids, but in-laws. Ethan, the oldest Plath kid, married Olivia in 2018, but Olivia wasn't raised in a similarly sheltered way. From the beginning of the show, the stark differences caused friction. "I have a different outlook on life," Olivia explained, "and so I come into the picture and I bring in change. And it's caused a hurricane." Hurricane indeed — the issues between Olivia and her in-laws resulted in both Ethan and Olivia not talking to Kim and Barry or the other Plath kids who still lived at the Plath family home.

Things weren't always easy within the marriage either — Olivia and Ethan separated during Season 3 of the show, but they got back together and moved to Tampa; however, they still seem to be having trouble communicating, per InTouch Weekly. And if the preview for the Season 4 finale holds any clues, things still aren't smooth sailing for the couple.

Tensions are running high with Olivia and the Plath family

The Season 4 finale of "Welcome to Plathville" — airing August 2 — is shaping up to be two full hours of drama centered around Olivia Plath. Kim and Barry Plath are in the midst of a divorce, per InTouch Weekly, but Olivia and Ethan could also be facing a split. In a teaser for the finale, Olivia is talking with Ethan's brother, Micah: "I don't want to have relationships that aren't good for me," she says, to which he replies, "You're holding your husband from seeing his parents." And Moriah Plath says in a confessional, "It feels like something is so tight it's about to pop."

Fans took notice of the obvious tension. One tweeted, "Idk y Olivia can't get over whatever it is that has been bothering her but Kim and Barry have tried to reach out to her and talk but she's not having it. I think Olivia just hates Kim so much she's not letting it go." Another said, "How long will Olivia lead this family feud? I say until Ethan has forgotten about his family." 

There wasn't always bad blood between Olivia and Kim, if you can believe it. "I met Kim when I was 16 and she, when I first met her, made me feel important," Olivia told People, but things turned sour when Olivia felt she was being used by Kim. "Being wanted by someone doesn't mean they love you," Olivia asserted. "They can want you because you meet their needs, not because they want to meet yours."