The Best Tinted Moisturizers You Can Buy In 2022

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The best tinted moisturizer might be different for everyone, so we tackled the delightfully arduous task of searching the rainbow of options out there. But before we deliver the goods, it's essential to shine a light on the elephant in the room, so to speak. There's a nearly never-ending supply of beauty stories, ranging from tinted moisturizer vs. skin tint to BB cream vs. CC cream. So, what the heck's the difference between them all?

Take a deep breath; it's not as complicated as it seems. According to the skin care experts at L'Oreal, "A BB cream, also known as a beauty balm or a blemish balm, is a liquid makeup product that acts as an all-in-one essential, priming the skin, providing coverage, and offering a wide array of skin care benefits like hydration, sun protection, and shine control." CC cream is similar, but its primary goal is color correction. While finally, a tinted moisturizer has many BB and CC cream benefits, just with more hydration and lighter coverage.

So, if you need to quench your skin's thirst and add a hint of dewy glow to boot, you may want to get your hands on one of the best tinted moisturizers you can buy in 2022.

How we selected products

Between the demand for the best drugstore tinted moisturizer and additional user-driven criteria reported by AE Research, it's clear we're all still craving hydrating face tints. Therefore, we assembled a robust team of experts to help navigate some looming questions surrounding what we should be looking for in a product, including tinted moisturizers for dark skin.

Megan Douglas, BHSc, ND, MH, is the founder of The Organic Skin Co and brings 24 years of experience to the table. Building on that foundation, Certified Nutrition Practitioner and Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner Caroline Candace adds an additional clinical viewpoint while channeling her experience as founder and CEO of Look Organics. They're joined by triple board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mamina Turegano and cosmetic facial surgeon Tanuj Nakra, who leads the product vertical at Avya Skincare, as well as Brandi Gregge, founder and medical director of Mint & Needle. These medically-focused skin care experts are rounded out by FanLoveBeauty President Ginger King, a cosmetic chemist and featured Allure Breakthrough Award Judge since 2017.

In addition to experts with a medical background, we also enlisted professionals from various beauty sectors. First up, we have Alli Reed, who is the founder of the Stratia skin care line, and she's joined by celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, whose clientele includes the one and only Gwyneth Paltrow. We're also delighted to welcome Sarah Akram, celebrity master esthetician and owner of Sarah Akram Skincare. She's dappled a lot of dewy glow onto many familiar faces, including Mindy Kaling, Vanessa Hudgens, Zooey Deschanel, Chelsea Handler, and Sarah Michelle Geller!

Best drugstore brand

An illuminator! The word itself sparks visions of sun-dappled selfies. Well, this is more than just a dream, friends, because this L'Oreal tinted moisturizer is Amazon's No. 2 in CC facial creams and No. 5 in foundation makeup. The formula relies on glycerin and shea butter to deeply moisturize skin, and it can be worn alone or mixed with your favorite makeup.

Expert Tip: With so many skin care ingredients to keep track of, celebrity makeup artist Jaime Greenberg passed along some much-needed advice. "Look for products with antioxidants that'll really benefit your skin. Vitamin A and Vitamin E are great. Retinol, shea butter, and even caffeine are other additions that can mean some added benefits for your skin."

Price: The L'Oreal Paris Makeup True Match Lumi Glotion is available on Amazon, starting at $6.64.

Social Media Highlight: L'Oreal is a staple in the beauty industry, partly because of campaigns that support a greater vision of what defines beauty. In fact, the brand's YouTube channel has a combined 45 million views. But the 2021 video "Beauty is a Powerful Force that Moves Us" has a whopping 37 million views on its own merit. Combine that with the brand's 375,000 Instagram followers, and it's clear the beauty behemoth has earned its place among skin care legends.

Best instant hydration for dry skin

Everything is coming up roses for model-turned-entrepreneur Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's under $50 tinted moisturizing serum. Rose Inc's clean formula earned a spot on Byrdie's 2022 Eco-Beauty Awards for Best Tinted Moisturizer. Considering the 200 customer reviews and a 5-star rating, this is a natural fit. One customer shared, "After trying numerous foundations and some tinted moisturizers, this stuff takes the cake," adding, "somehow, this serum is pure magic."

Expert Tip: To choose the best tinted moisturizer for your skin, "you need to know your color family," according to cosmetic chemist Ginger King. "Look at the vein in your wrist. [If it's] green, you are more of a warm tone. If you see blue, you are more of a cool tone." Combine this advice with guidance from Good Housekeeping, and you'll save yourself the hassle of trial and error.

Price: The Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum is available in five shades at Rose Inc for $49.

Social Media Highlight: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makes regular appearances in the brand's Instagram feed, which has over 430,000 followers. The British beauty's tutorial post — which features the serum in her easy-breezy makeup routine — created a lot of buzz, but it's TikTok that's got us seriously swooning because it shows how real-life users achieve the dewy glow of a supermodel.

Best melanated skin formula

If you're looking for a melanated skin formula, Black Radiance is a fan favorite on Amazon. The brand's products regularly earn thousands of reviews. This up-and-comer is well on its way, considering it's the 52nd most-popular product among all of Amazon's facial tinted moisturizers category.

Expert Tip: Online stores make it easy to stockpile skin care goodies, so Caroline Candace chimed in to remind us to store "skin care and make-up products in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight (with the lid on tight) to slow oxidation." She also recommends using liquid products within six months because "the standard shelf life once opening is usually 6 to 12 months."

Price: The Black Radiance True Complexion Tinted Moisturizer is available on Amazon, starting at $5.31.

Social Media Highlight: The brand's Instagram features include media coverage from The Zoe Report, Cosmopolitan, and even WWD. Plus, the brand has a flourishing community on YouTube, with an impressive 2.6 million views.

Best wallet-friendly superstar

This $5-deal has 8,900 Amazon reviews, which earned the much-loved drugstore brand the No. 14 spot in Amazon's foundation makeup category. The buildable coverage comes in nine shades, including deeper hues for melanated skin. To that end, real-life reviewer Shawna raved about how blendable it is, saying, "This is the truthhhh. [I was] struggling to find a tone to match my skin, and this is perfect. I mix it with another product to get the smooth complexion."

Expert Tip: Celebrity Master Esthetician Sarah Akram is watching the rise of some of the skin care industry's new favorite ingredients. "Niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, green tea, retinol (vitamin A) are very popular ingredients found in skin tints and moisturizers." Wet n Wild's formula has a hyaluronic acid focus, which, according to Healthline, is one heck of a step towards youthful skin.

Price: The Wet n Wild Bare Focus Tinted Hydrator is available on Amazon for $5.02.

Social Media Highlight: The brand has tallied over 13 million views on YouTube, and its "Awaken Your Inner Zodiac" video has 1.7 million views.

Best self-tanning tinted moisturizer

It's no secret that Jergens self-tanning tinted moisturizer is an absolute fan favorite. But, holy moly! This product is crushing it on Amazon, and not just one category. It ranks No. 1 in Body Bronzers, No. 4 in Self-Tanners, and No. 30 in Face Moisturizers. So, it makes sense that nearly 18,000 people have reviewed it, yielding an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. With stats like these, we're just here to put a bow on it. It's an SPF 20 self-tanning moisturizer that gradually self-tans the skin.

The first step is to understand what you should know before using self tanner on your skin. After that, you're off and running! Plus, the brand's claim to fame for this product is to go "makeup free in 7 days." Um, yes, please!

Expert Tip: One of the benefits of Jergens self-tanning tinted moisturizer is that it builds color with each application, offering one way to avoid the usual re-application associated with most products. "I know people want makeup to last all day long," explains Access Hollywood regular Jaime Greenberg, "but there's a reason my clients hire me for a whole day; I touch them up!" She explains that most face tints, foundations, and tinted skin care products require one or two touch-ups daily. Of course, you can join the throngs of Jergens customers on Amazon and skip that altogether.

Price: The Jergens Natural Glow Self Tanner Face Moisturizer is available on Amazon, starting at $9.

Social Media Highlight: The brand's Instagram feed is basically an open love letter to this wonder potion. Plus, coupons! Yup — the brand sometimes add beauty deals or coupons to their highlights. So our morning coffee routine now includes a little IG jaunt over to Jergens.

Most loyal repeat customers

Merle Norman's all-in-one moisturizer finishes with a sheer, dewy look that customers return for repeatedly. It's not uncommon for product reviews to mention years of loyalty due to its lightweight, stay-put coverage. "I've been using this product for years," says one user. "This product does not smear or easily come off on my mask. This is a tried and true product."

Well, the loyalty tracks, as they say. You certainly can't achieve long-term success in the beauty business without it. And in 2021, Merle Norman celebrated 90 years as a female-founded beauty brand.

Expert Tip: In the ongoing battle of tinted moisturizer vs. foundation, Tanuj Nakra is definitely rooting for the lighter of the two. "From my perspective as a facial cosmetic surgeon, tinted moisturizers should be more popular. Tinted moisturizers offer hydration and active ingredients that penetrate into the skin, and they provide sheer cosmetic coverage as well as mineral SPF protection." 

Price: The Sheer Defense Tinted Moisturizer is available at Merle Norman for $40.

Social Media Highlight: The brand's Instagram feed features media coverage from Forbes and Cosmopolitan, as well as awards from InStyle, Parents, and Allure.

Best for that dewy glow

Cult-fave Supergoop is at it again. The brand's Glowscreen serves up all the dewy versatility we crave in tinted hydration. Wear it on its own or as a hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5-rich primer for a glowing complexion and boost of SPF 40. Not only is it available in two standard-volume tubes, but it's also so popular that it's offered in a limited-edition 2.5-ounce jumbo size.

Among the 2,000 reviews, it's clear that customers are over the moon about the product's calming benefits. "Wonderful," states one client, "finally a product that doesn't make my rosacea flare up!"

Expert Tip: As the heat rises and we're in the sun more, we may need to make skin care modifications. "I'm more of a fan of tinted moisturizer with sunscreens," says Dr. Mamina Turegano. She explains that "the tint [in many products is] usually from iron oxide pigment, which can protect the skin from high energy visible light (HEV). However, alongside UVA/UVB light, HEV light can contribute to uneven pigmentation in the skin."

Price: Glowscreen is available in two shades at Supergoop, starting $36.

Social Media Highlight: Supergoop has over half a million followers on Instagram, where the brand features sun-loving men, women, children, and even Corgis! Adorable pups aside, the brand's TikTok feed also features its Supergoop x Sunscoop Sweet Sunshine Tour, serving up two of summer's staples — ice cream and sunscreen. So, pardon us while we use a vacay-day to chill with Corgis while eating ice cream and taking dewy-skinned selfies.

Best skin tone variations

What does Bill Hader have to do with tinted moisturizers? Well, if you're familiar with the comedian's long-standing Saturday Night Live character, Stefon, you know the New York scenester's signature line is, "it has everything," according to Vanity Fair. So we're channeling our inner Stefon to let you know this Buildable Blur tinted moisturizer from Thrive Causemetics has everything — immediate hydration value, a 4.5-star review rating, 18 inclusive shades, a vegan and cruelty-free formula, and SPF protection.

Expert Tip: We're pretty much over the moon for all these products, so we wondered if we're in it alone. Definitely not, according to medical aesthetics expert and nurse practitioner Brandi Gregge. "Tinted Moisturizer hydrates the skin and leaves it looking dewy and radiant. It's also much more comfortable to wear in humid weather compared to foundation. Since it offers makeup and moisturizer in one product, it's great for travel."

Price: The Buildable Blur™ CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 35 is available at Thrive Causemetics for $38.

Social Media Highlight: The brand's Instagram feed, which has over 600,000 followers, offers a glimpse into its stellar media coverage, which includes awards from Allure and Forbes. Add to that nearly 46,000 Pinterest followers, and its popularity would make even Stefon green with envy. But, more importantly, the real-life inspiration behind the brand — the loss of the founder's friend, as featured on GMA — is reason enough to support the brand.

Best nourishing olive-rich formula

Bare Minerals is coming through with a whole grove of goodness. Let's start with its hydrating squalene-enriched formula, which boosts moisture with the help of olives. Layer in the fact that its oil-free ingredient list boasts hyaluronic acid as well as SPF 30, and it's no wonder it's the No. 3 product in Amazon's facial tinted moisturizers category.

Verified real-life customer, Mikel, posted this review and image, and sure enough, we're sold. She shares that it's her "favorite foundation of all time," listing "no breakouts, perfect coverage, and long-lasting" as the product's top selling points.

Expert Tip: Clogged pores are a common issue, according to the medical experts at Cleveland Clinic. With that in mind, Stratia's Alli Reed suggests that "those with clog-prone skin" should steer clear of oils. She mentions that this includes "solid oils, like shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil."

Price: The bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream is available on Amazon, starting at $19.99.

Social Media Highlight: Besides Bare Mineral's partnership with Hailey Bieber, as reported by Glossy, the brand also uses social media to celebrate "filter-free" beauty. The clean beauty brand's Instagram feed — which has over a million followers — includes accolades such as Reader's Choice Awards from Allure and QVC.

Best on-the-go miniature size

Look at these itty, bitty tinted wonders! If you're unfamiliar with Miss A, consider this a huge welcome to the miniature party. The brand offers a full range of beauty products — both mini and full-sized — and most are under $2. These Paw-Paw AOA Vita Glow Tinted Moisturizer .067-ounce tubes each are the perfect way to have a spectrum of shades on hand as your skin tone changes with the seasons.

The reviews are — shall we say – glowing. One fan summed it up perfectly: "This is the best make product I've used ever. It's so amazing...I've never felt more pretty." 

Expert Tip: These smaller-size products are great for mixing and matching, but you'll still need to make skin-matching decisions. "The good thing about tinted moisturizers is that since they are so sheer, they don't need to be a perfect match," explains skin care influencer, Caroline Candace. "When shopping online, I personally choose a half shade darker and will often go for a warmer tone than cool to add some warmth to my skin."

Price: The Paw-Paw AOA Vita Glow Tinted Moisturizer is available on Miss A for $1.55.

Social Media Highlight: The brand is quick to shine a light on real-life customers' tinted moisturizer inspiration, like this glowing selfie from a fan. One Instagram follower added a comment to say, "Y'all, it's really good. Definitely exceeded my expectations." Plus, it's fun to check out the highlights, including media coverage from Real Simple and Allure as well as behind-the-scenes footage from television news features.

Best skin-perfecting finish

The folks at Well People take skin-perfecting up a notch with their proprietary, cruelty-free formula, which includes raspberry and broccoli seed oils. Neither oil is pore-clogging (thank goodness!), and broccoli brightens while raspberry softens the skin. Both extracts are known for smoothing the skin, according to the School of Natural Skincare and Organic Authority, so it's a double-whammy of nature's goodness.

The tinted moisturizer's description also calls out that it's "free from parabens, avobenzone, oxybenzone, GMOs, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, phenoxyethanol, dimethicone, petrolatum, PEG, propylene glycol, mineral oil, talc, nanoparticles, as well as thousands of other potentially toxic ingredients." So, to summarize, it's free from all the junk but loaded with natural benefits.

Expert Tip: Looking for a quality "free-from" product is a priority for Jaime Greenberg as well. "Fragrance and parabens are definitely ingredients to be wary of, especially if you have sensitive skin."

Price: The Bio Tint SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizer is available on Amazon starting at 14.99.

Social Media Highlight: The Well People light glam look shared by Instagram user Sam Nicole is an epic reminder that you can glow up with as little as five products.

Best tinted moisturizer and CC cream hybrid

The beauty biz loves an acronym. We don't have enough space to unpack all that chaos here, but let's address the liquid perfection of CC creams — otherwise known as color-correcting creams. "These formulas usually feature soothing ingredients to calm redness and even out blotchiness," Nick Lujan explained to Real Simple. A CC cream offers more coverage than its sheer-sister BB cream, and the CC cream formula is "designed specifically to color-correct."

This Jason Wu formula creates a union between the color-correction of CC cream and the lighter viscosity of a tinted moisturizer. Plus, it's got Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and Goji Berry Extract to infuse the skin with beneficial ingredients.

Expert Tip: According to skin care expert Caroline Candace, CC cream is closest to a foundation in terms of coverage. So, having the light-on-the-skin feel of a moisturizer with the benefits of a foundation feels like we've stumbled upon something special here!

Price: The Tinted Moisturizer Meets CC Cream is available at Jason Wu for $20.

Social Media Highlight: If you're looking for a lustrous finish, then consider it done. This Instagram post offers a glimpse of the tinted moisturizer's low-key dazzle. Plus, Jason Wu followers — 40,000 of them, to be exact — are often treated to snippets of media coverage from the likes of Vogue.

Best Ayurvedic botanical blend

Avya brings together molecular science and Ayurvedic medicine, a form of medical care in India (via Johns Hopkins Medicine). The goal is a "balance between the body, mind, spirit, and the environment." Here, that takes the form of a tinted moisturizer that protects darker skin from environmental irritants, including UV damage, blue light, and pollution. Plus, it adds significant hydration, a hint of color, and gorgeousness — all without any animal testing! Even Forbes took note, referring to the brand as "pioneering" in a feature story.

Expert Tip: In case you're still wondering if you should get in on the tinted moisturizer fandom, organic skin care leader Megan Douglas chimed in to say, "Tinted moisturizers are great for anyone who wants to simplify their routine and who's looking for an even-toned complexion and a soft, natural glow." She loves how the light formulas allow the skin "to breathe."

Price: The Hydroveda Sheer Tinted Moisturizer is available at Avya for $38.

Social Media Highlight: The brand's Instagram feed includes a colossal shoutout from Bustle, celebrating the benefits of Avya's products, especially for women of color with pigmentation issues or melasma.

Best sunscreen-moisturizer combo

Not down with the dewy-skin look? No worries; Replenix offers a tinted moisturizer with SPF and a matte finish. This vegan beauty powerhouse is a premium brand with an under $50 price tag. Its fragrance-free and oil-controlling features are great for sensitive and acne-prone skin, plus it boasts an Amazon user rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. 

Real-life super-fan Adelyn posted all the proof we need — a gorgeous selfie and testimonial. "It is the best product that has ever been recommended to me by an esthetician. I use this tinted physical sunscreen as a BB cream/light foundation and wear it every single day with mascara, and I'm out the door."

Expert Tip: We love that Caroline Candace, Certified Nutrition Practitioner, Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner stepped up big-time when asked about what ingredients we should avoid in skin care products. "I think the number one ingredient to avoid in all skin care and make-up is 'fragrance,'" she advises, "especially if you are someone who has sensitive skin."

Price: The Replenix Tinted Mattifying Sunscreen is available on Amazon for $39.60.

Social Media Highlight: Replenix has nearly 240,000 followers on Instagram, where posts featuring the tinted hydration create a flurry of heart-eye emojis as loyal fans comment things like, "My favorite tinted mattifying!" The brand is well-established with 40 years in the industry, so the "Real Results" tab is brimming with beautiful real-life user videos.

Best built-in applicator brush

Bodyography is known for creating meaningful partnerships — not just with makeup artists like Hollie Hart but also with organizations like PETA. You can feel good about that sun-kissed glow knowing this Sun Defense Tinted Moisturizer belongs in the cruelty-free makeup category. But if built-in applicators are your thing, you're in for an added treat because this tinted moisturizer has an in-wand brush.

Expert Tip: Alli Reed explained that "a tinted moisturizer is essentially just a less-pigmented foundation with a stronger focus on skin care." So, of course, we're jazzed about a built-in applicator brush. But, at the end of the day, any type of tinted product is easier to apply with the right tools.

Price: The Sun Defense Tinted Moisturizer is available at Bodyography for $34.

Social Media Highlight: We love how the brand features multiple muses, including Meeks, whose self-described "Avant-Garde style" showcases the makeup artist's Hollywood styling skills. Plus, it's fun to see the applicator brush highlighted in the brand's regular content rotation.