What The Designers Of Peppa Pig's Clubhouse 'Wish' They Had Included - Exclusive

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While designing Peppa Pig's Clubhouse, the creators really thought of it all. There's an outdoor swing, a slide leading outside, and a built-in fridge. "There's also a toy cooker and fridge, wooden phone, and shop window," Pete Kellond, the Vice President of Content and Commercial Development at Hasbro, said during an exclusive interview with The List.

The animators at Astley Baker Davies wanted to make it possible for Peppa to play absolutely any game in the Clubhouse, so the team had to think ahead when it came to designing the perfect space for the young pig. "Everything is an adventure to Peppa and friends, and we wanted the Clubhouse to reflect that," Kellond told us.

So far, young fans of the series have been able to follow along as Peppa opens up a shop, becomes a detective, and calls the King of the World — all from the comfort of her new Clubhouse. Everyone loves the Clubhouse! "We fit just about everything in there," Kellond said.

Looking back, however, there are a few things he wishes the team would have included inside for Peppa Pig and her friends.

The penguins and Daddy Pig's missing keys inspired this potential Clubhouse renovation

As soon as Pete Kellond sat down to watch the "Peppa's Club" four-part special with the rest of the world back in May, he realized there was something important missing: "A garage for a pedal car," he told The List.

Luckily, Peppa Pig and her friends have been far too busy spending time inside the Clubhouse. They've discovered the location of Daddy Pig's misplaced keys as well as the missing penguins from the zoo — which has inspired Kellond and the other creators to think up even more design ideas. "After watching the Peppa Pig Clubhouse Special, I do wish we made some additional space for those penguins," Kellond said, "and maybe a safe spot for Daddy Pig's keys."

However, while Kellond would have loved to initially include these in the Clubhouse, he told us there are no plans to update it at the moment. "I'm sure Peppa will let the grown-ups know what is needed and what further adventures they want to play out," he said.

The "Peppa's Club" four-part Special is now available to stream on NickJr.com. Catch "Peppa Pig" live on Nick Jr. on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET. The Peppa's Kids-Only Clubhouse Playset is available now on Amazon.