Lydia Plath Gets Real About How Kim And Barry's Divorce Is Impacting The Family

Season 4 of "Welcome to Plathville" has seen the conservative Plath family of Georgia deal with various obstacles as the family matriarch, Kim, has opened a dance studio, changed her appearance, and moved out of the family home. When she finally mentioned divorce to her husband Barry, it took both viewers and their nine children by surprise. Most recently, the series finale revealed that Kim and Barry have reached a decision about their marriage, and the couple plan to move forward with a divorce after 24 years of marriage, leaving their family devastated. 

Middle child Lydia Plath has always embraced her parent's conservative and religious upbringing, and she even tried to counsel her mother, saying "One touch of the Holy Spirit heals all of that" after her mother tried to discuss her marital problems with her. Needless to say, Lydia is struggling with her parent's decision, but in confessionals on the season finale, she revealed exactly how her family is coping after the big announcement.

The Plath family is pulling together

Lydia Plath said the uncertainty of what will happen next is weighing on her, speculating that her father will move out, allowing Kim to remain the family home with their children. She added that the family is trying to be supportive of both parents. "I believe I said this years ago — 'A family divided against itself will fall,'" she said. "But it doesn't mean to be in unity you all have to be on the same page. You just can't be against each other."

While most of the Plath children seemingly blame their mother for the divorce, Lydia revealed she and Kim are "still talking." And although Kim and her oldest son Ethan have become estranged because of Kim's strained relationship with Ethan's wife, Olivia, he's shown their mother support, too. "Ethan took a step to come talk to my mom, too," Lydia revealed. "Right now is a time that she just really needs her children's love. And I'm just really proud of doing Ethan for doing that. There's still hope in that relationship, but as far as I've heard, Olivia still doesn't want anything to do with my mom, which is hard. It would be great to just one day hang out and all have fun together. It would be amazing to actually see it come true."