The Most Important Place To Use Concealer That You're Probably Missing

Most of us use concealer as a part of our regular makeup routine. From covering blemishes to brightening up our under eyes –- we all have different needs and uses for our concealer. We know that there are lots of things that concealer can and can't do to transform your face, but there are ways your concealer can alter your makeup that you may not know about.  

Makeup hacks and trends are ever-evolving, and it feels like the internet is always updating with new tips on how to make your face look its best. As a result, it's really no wonder that there are always new ways to use your old makeup favorites cropping up. Concealer is no exception to this, and there are plenty of new ways to use your old standby to make your best features pop (via iDiva). Once you're done picking the perfect concealer for your skin, you may be surprised at how many ways you can use your concealer to revamp your makeup.

Define your features with concealer

Concealer is called concealer for a reason: it's most commonly used to hide things. In reality, though, concealer can be used to make your favorite features stick out just as much as it can make your perceived imperfections fade into the background (via iDiva). 

In recent years, makeup trends have been all about the brows. If you're looking to add a little definition to your brows, concealer just may be the trick you need. Before you fill in your eyebrows, start by outlining your desired eyebrow shape with concealer using an angled eyeliner brush. This will keep your eyebrows looking sharp and defined.

Another way to use your concealer to make your natural beauty stand out? Pair it with your lipstick. Once your lipstick is applied, line the outside of your lips with a bit of concealer. Not only will this create a clear line that will make your lip color pop, but it will also keep your smile smudge-free. You can even totally transform your mouth shape using your concealer (via Cosmopolitan). Apply concealer all over your lips, draw your lips on with liner and lipstick over it, and Voila! You've got your dream pout sans lip injections.

Lighten up the face with concealer

If you've ever spent any time on TikTok, you've almost certainly seen a how-to video about applying an intense contour to your face. Using your concealer can actually help you achieve that perfectly contoured look. Since your concealer is a bit lighter than your foundation, you can use the lighter shade to enhance your contour. Add a little concealer just above your top lip and right on your cheekbones (via iDiva). This will bring these points on your face to the foreground, making your contour look even more natural.

Using your concealer to highlight isn't the only way to use its light shade to enhance your look. You can also use it in place of an eyeshadow primer (via Cosmopolitan). Patting a bit of your concealer from your lash line to your eyelid crease before you apply your eye makeup can keep it from smudging while also letting the pigment pop. It can also be a great, bright base to make light eyeshadow show up.