Donald Trump's Comments On LGBTQ+ Athletes Have Twitter Seeing Red

It was a nearly 2-hour speech and ranged in content from teasing a 2024 presidential run, to discussing the hot-button issue of trans athletes in sports (via CBS News).

Indeed, Donald Trump returned to the Conservative Political Action Conference stage over the weekend, riling up the crowd with proclamations like, "America's comeback begins this November."

The controversial CPAC speaker, who followed Sarah Palin's appearance during which her accessory choice raised eyebrows, went on to blast rival Joe Biden's term in office, which Trump opined had been marked by crime and inflation (via Newsweek). During another stretch of the Republican's comments, Trump, who stopped short of declaring his candidacy for the top job in the next election cycle, intoned, "We will keep men out of women's sports."

That's when the former POTUS brought college swimmer Riley Gaines up to join him, who as Yahoo! notes, was critical of trans swimmer Lia Thomas. "It takes a brain, common sense, and fifth grade biology-level understanding to realize this is blatantly unfair," the University of Kentucky athlete said about Thomas competing in women's swimming.

That's when Trump went on to observe the "ridiculous" comparison between himself and Gaines. "I'm much bigger and much stronger than her," Trump oddly noted, going on to boast he could beat her in her own sport.

Twitter challenges Donald Trump's points on transgender athletes

During the course of his 108-minute speech, the former commander in chief also shared his opinion on another LGBTQ+ issue, opining that teachers should be required to gain parental consent to teach students about being transgender.

Twitter users were of course ready to share a range of views on Donald Trump's CPAC speech, with many turning their focus to his discussion of transgender athletes. Importantly, one individual wanted to clarify that the identifying language used was offensive, tweeting, "Men don't compete in women's sports."

Another Twitter user was scratching their head about why someone who claimed to favor small government and staying out of how businesses operate would even share an opinion on this issue, which in their view should be decided by the governing bodies of the sport in question.

Finally, other folks on Twitter made comments along the lines of this individual: "How about we keep Trump out of women's lives period."