Everything Miley Cyrus Has Said About Dealing With Heartbreak

If there's one thing that Miley Cyrus has taught the world — besides how to twerk confidently — it's how to get through a heartbreak. As a Sagittarius, the woman has an emotional intelligence that doesn't just radiate through her music (via Times of India). Cyrus has given some pretty great advice on heartbreak over the years — and we're not just talking about in her lyrics. Although her outfits and personas have changed, her advice on dealing with a breakup stays pretty darn consistent. What she has to say about falling out of love and coping with heartbreak might just surprise you. 

Cyrus has gone through phases of her life (with the entire world watching) since she was thirteen. We've seen the singer go from Disney Channel to twerking in latex at the VMAs. She's gone through boyfriends, girlfriends, and even divorce. So, naturally, she's got a lot to say about heartbreak, right? Well, if you're looking for advice like "it's the climb" or that she "never hit so hard in love," think again.

Cyrus has a unique way of looking at her heartbreaks that will put you in a brand new headspace. Because the 29-year-old is nothing if not original. 

Miley keeps heartbreaks logical

Anyone that's been through a heartbreak knows how painful it can seem. But, according to Miley Cyrus, that pain can be managed. She explained in an Apple Music Essential Music interview that you actually control your emotions, which means you can choose to take a logical approach to heartbreak instead. 

"I'm a very logical person," Cyrus said in the interview, according to People. "And I really try to not get lost in emotion, because our emotion lies to us. Our emotion sometimes makes us believe that every thought that we think is real. And I remember at a time we're dealing with heartbreak it's like, 'I'm never going to be the same again.' You know? 'My life is—' all of these things I was telling myself; it's just not true."

Cyrus definitely channels her emotions into songs. After all, she did write the lyric "things fall apart, but nothing breaks like a heart" (via Genius). But it turns out that the advice is pretty solid. According to Healthline, you can't stop your emotions from showing up, but you can manage them with the help of mindfulness practices. Once you get good at it, you'll be able to compartmentalize just like Miley.

She uses a scale to 'focus on the logic' of a heartbreak

Just about everyone says that you can learn from heartbreak. Generally speaking, the phrase isn't all that helpful — until now.  Well, according to her Call her Daddy Podcast interview, Miley Cyrus says that there's an equation for staying logical after a heartbreak. While she understands and acknowledges the pain, she also gives a way to learn from it. 

"It's like a death when you lose a loved one. It's that deep," Miley said in the podcast interview (via ET). "It feels like a death. So, to not get lost in the emotion [and] focus on the logic, make a list of what you were gaining and what you were losing — what they were contributing to your life and what they were subtracting — and value each of these things by 1 through 10, then add them all up. If the person was adding more to your life, then you know what's expected for your next relationship. And, what they were subtracting, you will not accept ever again."

Basically, no matter which end of the heartbreak you're on, you'll be affected by it. Learning from it is the key, according to Miley. Hey, if it's working for her, it might as well work for you.