Collide's Kat Graham And Ryan Phillippe Share What Was Really In Those Wine Glasses - Exclusive

In the new film "Collide," viewers get to see a blind date unfold over a single evening. But this couple, in particular, is on a dinner date that has gone incredibly wrong. Directly underneath Hunter's chair is a bomb that is set to go off in a few short hours. The moment he stands up, the weighted explosive has been set to go off — so the two must cut to the chase.

Just like their characters, actors Ryan Phillippe and Kat Graham had to get to know each other quickly. "You're getting to see us meet in some regards the way our characters do on screen, and we let it unfold in as truthful a manner as we possibly could," Phillippe said during an exclusive interview with The List.

The two actors had to rely almost entirely on their facial expressions and arm movements since they had to stay seated, which was something neither of them had done before — and something that Graham is glad she got to experience. "Sometimes when you're on these big sets and you've got to travel, it's like you're trying to act with a bunch of tennis balls being thrown at you, and you're trying to concentrate. Whereas we had in a lot of ways a luxury of being forced to connect," Graham told us.

Though Tamira and Hunter's interaction is incredibly intense, the two characters did get to enjoy their glasses of wine throughout the film. However, that's not actually what Phillippe and Graham got to drink on set.

The actors weren't really drinking wine on screen

To help ease the intense pressure that builds throughout the film, Tamira reaches again and again for a nearby glass of wine. She even orders a second bottle from the waitress — which seems like a fun experience to have during a day at work.

However, it turns out that wine wasn't what actors Ryan Phillippe and Kat Graham were getting to enjoy while making the movie. Instead, the glasses on the tables around the fictional restaurant were filled with grape juice. "I was all grape-juiced out by the end of the movie," Graham admitted to The List.

Though months have passed since the cast wrapped up on "Collide," Graham still can't bring herself to drink a glass of grape juice — and she's not planning to change that anytime soon. For now, "I'm good," she said.

"Collide" is now in theaters and will be available on demand Friday, August 12.