The Truth About The Disappearance Of Olivia Newton-John's Ex Patrick Kim McDermott

Beloved actress and singer Olivia Newton-John passed away at the age of 73. Her husband, John Easterling, confirmed the news of her passing by issuing a statement on Facebook.

"Dame Olivia Newton-John passed away peacefully at her Ranch in Southern California this morning, surrounded by family and friends," he wrote. "We ask that everyone please respect the family's privacy during this very difficult time." Easterling added, "Olivia has been a symbol of triumphs and hope for over 30 years sharing her journey with breast cancer."

It is no secret that Easterling was the great love of Newton-John's life (via People). The pair began dating in 2006 and got married in 2008. Her last social media post was a touching throwback of the two. She gushed about her love of Easterling to People, stating, "I dated a little bit, but I wasn't expecting to fall in love with him and then bam!" She added, "He's incredibly smart and compassionate. He says yes to everything, he says yes to life!"

Newton-John's relationship with Easterling came at a crucial time in her life; he helped her process the tragic disappearance of a former partner, Patrick Kim McDermott.

Olivia Newton-John's ex Patrick Kim McDermott went missing on a fishing trip

Olivia Newton-John found lasting love with her husband, John Easterling, in the late 2000s following the tragic end of a previous relationship (via the Daily Mail). Her ex-partner, Patrick Kim McDermott, went missing at sea. McDermott set out on a charter boat named boat Freedom for a routine fishing trip alongside 22 other travelers in 2005. At some point during the voyage, something went wrong. No one could find him although none of the passengers saw him go overboard, according to the Daily Mail.

The odd thing was that no one else on the boat reported him missing. It wasn't until a week later when he was supposed to show up for a family function that the Daily Mail said Newton-John reported his absence. However, Fox News reported that it was actually McDermott's ex-wife who reported him missing. 

"He was lost at sea and nobody really knows what happened. It's human to wonder, but . . . you have to accept and let go," Newton-John said of the tragedy. The odd disappearance has sparked some conspiracy theories online (via New York Post).

Details emerged about the night Patrick Kim McDermott disappeared

Patrick Kim McDermott's belongings were found on the boat he was last seen on, according to Fox News, and his vehicle was seen in a parking lot. Olivia Newton-John did not release a statement about McDermott's disappearance until seven weeks later, NBC News reported. Over a year later, the investigation by The Coast Guard closed.

The Coast Guard concluded that McDermott was lost at sea and had likely drowned, according to the New York Post. Olivia Newton-John did not question the results of the Coast Guard's investigation. Still, she recognized how unnerving it was to not know for sure what happened to McDermott. "I think there will always be a question mark . . . I don't think I will ever really be at peace with it," Newton-John said.

Some people have theorized Patrick Kim McDermott faked his own death

The puzzling disappearance of Olivia Newton-John's ex has been examined by conspiracy theorists for decades (via the New York Post). When Patrick Kim McDermott set out for a fishing trip and never returned, things were a bit fishy. The biggest theory was that McDermott faked his own death for a new life in Mexico or the chance to avoid paying taxes. There have been speculations about the missing man, with some reports that he was even found alive.

Court documents uncovered by the Associated Press in 2005 showed that McDermott was deeply in debt. He had filed for bankruptcy back in 2000 and had been taken to court by his ex-wife, Yvette Nipar, over not paying child support. McDermott owed a total of nearly $31,000, bankruptcy documents showed (per WFMY News). In 2005, the Coast Guard looked into every possibility regarding McDermott's disappearance, including whether or not he staged it.

According to CBS News, McDermott was allegedly spotted in Mexico — alive and well — and just wanted to be left alone. A private investigator claimed he found the missing man, stating, "Patrick's probably now working in the yachting industry for a high-profile family down there." However, no one has ever confirmed that McDermott is indeed still alive. It is assumed that he did pass away at sea, though a body was never found.