The Truth About Madison Bailey's Sexuality

In 2020, "Outer Banks" captivated Netflix subscribers with a wild treasure-hunting premise that echoed seminal tween tales like "The Goonies," with some of the post-adolescent drama of "Pretty Little Liars." The mysteries, secrets, and thrills make this show a must-see. However, its talented cast is what pushed "Outer Banks" over the edge; their tangible chemistry was a major selling point for tuning in for the long haul.

Madison Bailey plays Kiara, a teen who is sure of herself, defiant of her well-off parents, and loyal to her friends no matter the circumstances. Though Bailey's character initially seems to have a connection to the leader of the group John B., played by Chase Stokes, she also explores other romantic potential among group members — which, as you can imagine, leads to a fair share of drama.

Since her rise to fame via "Outer Banks," as well as other notable roles on "American Horror Stories" and "Council of Dads," per IMDb, Madison Bailey has become a fixture in TV entertainment. But in real life, who is Bailey interested in? And do her fans have any hope of getting the young actor's attention? Let's take a closer look at what she's said about her sexuality and relationship status.

Madison Bailey opened up about her sexuality via TikTok

Bailey is a master of social media, with 6.6 million followers on Instagram and 6 million on TikTok. She often uses these platforms to talk about social issues, including racial justice, mental health, and LGBTQ+ advocacy. TikTok ended up having an important role in her journey with her sexuality. In 2020, she posted a video sharing her pansexual identity, per Us Weekly.

A few weeks later, in a joint Instagram live Mental Health Q&A with Lacy Hartselle, Bailey opened up about her coming-out journey. "I feel zero shame, and I don't feel that way because nobody's ever really shamed me for it. And I know a lot of people have had a lot of hate and lack of support," she shared. "I know so many, countless stories of queer people that did not have support."

In her Instagram Live with Hartselle, Bailey also offered some advice for anyone struggling with the decision to come out: "If you're gay, tell everybody that you're gay. It's worth it."

Is Madison Bailey single or dating?

Unfortunately for those crushing on Madison Bailey, she is currently in a relationship. The "Outer Banks" star has been dating Mariah Linney, a former basketball player for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, since 2020. The pair originally connected via TikTok, per Entertainment Tonight, when Linney decided to shoot her shot and ended up getting a DM from the actor. Besides being adorable all over each other's Instagram and TikTok videos, the couple has since collaborated on ads for Fendi fashion and appeared as a couple at high-brow events like New York Fashion Week. They're #CoupleGoals, for sure.

"When I'm with my girlfriend, I feel the everyday joy of it," Bailey told Glamour U.K. in June 2021. "I feel joyful with her every single day. That might sound corny but I'm so serious — the joy is just being who I am with my girlfriend every single day."