Our Favorite Vegan Body Lotions

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It wasn't entirely long ago when vegan options were few and far between. From food to clothing to beauty products, maintaining a vegan lifestyle has challenged consumers looking for variety. As more and more people gravitate towards veganism, though, many industries have worked to provide consumers with more choices. Below, we'll be taking a look at our favorite vegan body lotions.

But first: What makes a lotion vegan? Though regulated, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't currently require cosmetic products to be approved before they hit the market. Although many products may label themselves as vegan and cruelty-free, you'll want to read the ingredients and watch out for animal byproducts that are often used in traditional lotions, such as beeswax, lanolin, pearl powder, and honey. Instead, look for plant-based ingredients which include shea butter, macadamia nut oil, and aloe vera.

Furthermore, consumers will want to note that "cruelty-free" doesn't necessarily mean the product is vegan; rather, it means that the product hasn't been tested on animals. "'Cruelty free' simply means a product or its ingredients have not been tested on animals by a supplier, manufacturer, producer or any third-party entity. Some brands may be cruelty-free without being vegan, so if you are looking for the latter make sure it is explicitly stated," Dr. Anthony M. Rossi explained to Today. Here are our top picks for the best vegan body lotions — many of which are also cruelty-free.

Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer

Free of harsh chemicals, this naturally-scented lotion is a great product for those prone to inflammation and dermatitis. Hemp seed oil promotes a calming effect on the skin: "Hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acids, which help hydrate and soothe inflamed skin," Joshua Zeichner, M.D., Director of Cosmetic & Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, explained to Byrdie

The shea butter in this formula locks in moisture and assists in maintaining the skin's youthful elasticity. Natural proteins, antioxidants, and minerals provide the skin with a healthy hydration that'll withstand colder climate conditions, while vitamins A, C, and E help to protect from environmentally triggered oxidants.

"Have been using this Body Moisturizer for years. Have tried a few others, but always keep coming back to the Hempz Original. Love the feel of it on my skin. Love the scent. It goes on easily and dries leaving my skin feeling so soft. Love this lotion!!" a verified buyer exclaimed. You can purchase this product at major retailers such as Ulta, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Sally Beauty, Amazon, or directly on their website.

Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Fragrance-Free Soothing Butter Lotion

Ginger Lily Farms products are widely known for their plant-based, vegan ingredients. Sold in a gallon container to ensure the best value and reduce plastic consumption, this fragrance-free lotion is great for those who are prone to allergic reactions with artificial scents. This rich and decadent formula includes vitamin E, shea butter and aloe vera to nourish and hydrate the skin. The application is smooth and lightweight, so it won't sit on the skin like some other heavier creams. Free from parabens, sulfates, phosphates, and gluten, this product is a great addition to your moisturizing collection.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon, many users have only good things to say. One reviewer wrote, "I have auto immune eczema and fragrance allergies. Many lotions and soaps cause me to flare. This stuff is wonderful!!" Another said, "Absorbs fairly quickly into my skin and even with the dry weather in Colorado it keeps my skin well moisturized. I can only say that this product OVER delivered and when you figure in the price it is a SUPER value for the money. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone."

You can purchase this product at major retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Sam's Club.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Body Lotion

Another great option for those with sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions from fragrances, but who would still like to enjoy the luxury of scent, is Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lotion. Infused with calming lavender essential oils, this product contains shea butter and sweet almond oil to lock in long-term moisture. The soothing aroma makes this an ideal product to use before bedtime.

Founder Thelma A. Meyers puts health and balance as a priority. With a knack for gardening, Mrs. Meyers crafted her products using her knowledge about plant care to ensure customers would be provided with the highest quality plant-based products. In an effort to remain transparent, the brand's website provides consumers with a helpful ingredients glossary.

So how does the lotion perform? One Amazon reviewer wrote, "I am a vegan [and] have spent countless of hours researching for vegan cruelty free products. I want to tell you this brand of product has changed my life. I have bad allergies to harsh perfumes and chemicals but this is all natural! ... Everything is plant based and my [skin] is loving it. This lotions spreads on and is absorbed so quickly. My skin drinks it in. Not only that, it leaves you smelling like lavender of course which is so relaxing."

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion

Adamia's Therapeutic Repair Lotion is a great option for those who suffer from dry, cracked, red skin. Macadamia nut oil is the main base for this lotion, which provides the skin with well-needed moisture. Because macadamia nut oil emulates sebum — oil the skin produces naturally — the application goes on smooth without any of the greasy residue that other artificially-produced oils tend to leave behind. Rather, it absorbs quite evenly with a small amount on the skin. Dermatologist-tested and free from artificial fragrances, this lotion is proven to improve distressed skin and leave you with a soft, silky glow.

"Dry, cracked skin shows significant improvement in just a few days, which confirms the good absorption and that equals better protection for the skin," shared Christine, a Director of Nursing who vouches for the lotion's ability to heal her patients in a testimonial on Adamia's website

You may purchase this product at several retailers, including Walmart, CVS, and Amazon.

Alba Botanica Very Emollient, Unscented Body Lotion

Alba Botanica is a brand you can count on to hit all the environmental boxes: cruelty-free, plant-based products packaged in biodegradable and recyclable materials. "We believe plant-based products align with our love of the natural world, which is why our products are 100% vegetarian and contain botanical ingredients," reads their mission statement on their website.

Developed with normal to dry skin in mind, this hypo-allergenic formula is proven to provide long-lasting moisture while replenishing dry, cracked skin. Infused with a cocktail of botanical elements such as aloe vera, green tea, chamomile extracts, and a generous number of antioxidants, this unscented and original formula is sure to deliver much-needed hydration.

"This is a great body cream very good for dry skin. It is easily absorbed and not greasy. Skin is left supple and soft. I have been using for several years and will undoubtedly continue," an Amazon reviewer claimed. You can find this product at major retailers including Walmart, Target, and Walgreens.

Hey Humans Body Lotion

Another great option for a lightweight lotion that won't sit on the skin is the Hey Humans Body Lotion. Infused with shea butter, vitamin E, and aloe vera, this product will soften the epidermis while hydrating the skin. The shea butter works to deeply hydrate the skin, while aloe vera calms skin irritation, and vitamin E helps prevent skin damage caused by free radicals or UV rays. For fragrance lovers, you'll be sure to find you're spoiled for choice, as consumers can choose from several scents, including lavender vanilla, coconut mint, apple matcha, and banana aloe. 

This dermatologist-tested product is also sold in a recyclable aluminum bottle to promote environmental-friendly consumption. "This is the only option I have found for plastic free lotion, and I love how strong the scent is! I just stopped using lotion for the longest time because they all come with plastic bottles, which can only be recycled once and then go right into the landfill where they take hundreds of years to breakdown," exclaims a reviewer on their website.

Hey Humans Body Lotion can be found in major retailers Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon.

Ursa Major Perfect Zen Body Lotion

For skin types requiring a little more conditioning, the sunflower seed oil in Ursa Major's Perfect Zen Body Lotion is perfect for the job. High in linolic acid, this product will assist in retaining long-term moisture. The lotion is infused with essential oils that'll surely delight the senses, such as sweet orange, bergamot, cedar, and lavender, to assist in creating a calm yet rejuvenating aroma. aloe vera softens and locks in hydration for the skin, while meadowfoam works to hydrate the skin and promote antioxidant benefits. "Ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil help to balance our skin's natural sebum production, keeping it from being too dry or too oily," Florida-based board-certified dermatologist Stacy Chimento, M.D., explained to Byrdie

Gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan, this product is a delightful find for consumers. "I love this lotion! I've always had a hard time finding lotions that don't dry my skin out even more (first ingredient is usually alcohol) but the Perfect Zen lotion keeps me moisturized all throughout the day and has clean ingredients that I trust. Smells super fresh, and it's the perfect consistency. 10/10!" raves a review from a verified buyer on the Ursa Major website

True Botanicals Nourishing Organic Body Lotion

Infused with green and white tea, this antioxidant-rich lotion is helpful for mature skin. The properties in the green tea seed oil assist in providing hydration while minimizing early signs of aging, while the white tea base delivers rich antioxidants to promote skin toning. The shea butter will help to lock in moisture and replenish skin with much-needed hydration, as well as combat redness and irritated skin. Bright citrus and subtle florals blend together to create a soothing scent.

Actress and activist Laura Dern can't live without this brand. "True Botanicals makes beautiful products that are everything I long for. They make my skin healthier and better in so many ways," she shared on their website

Other reviews on the website claim that the natural ingredients in this product easily absorb into their skin, and boast about the moisturizing benefits. You can purchase this lotion directly on the True Botanicals website or at Nordstrom.

Avalon Organics Body Lotion

Consumers looking for the best value can rejoice in this product, as the price-point is great for the product size. Avalon Organics' philosophy is that all beautiful things come from the earth. With this philosophy, Avalon Organics hopes to encourage kindness for the environment and all living creatures. Cruelty-free and biodegradable, this lotion has several soothing scents to choose from. Nutrient-rich beta-glucan and plant lipids integrate together to provide long-lasting moisture and rejuvenate the skin from dryness. "For those who have compromised skin barriers like eczema or dermatitis, beta-glucan can help fight viruses and pathogens that pass through your skin barrier," New York board-certified dermatologist Dendy Engleman, M.D. told Byrdie

Formulated without GMOs, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, synthetic colors or fragrances, phthalates or animal testing, this product is a favorite for those gravitating towards a lotion with organic and natural ingredients.

You may find this product in major retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon.

Acure Everyday Eczema Lotion

Acure's Everyday Eczema Lotion is a preferred product for those who experience itchy and irritated skin. Rich in colloidal oatmeal, eczema-prone consumers can delight in the formula, as it's designed to calm their skin. "The biggest benefit [of colloidal oatmeal] is that it helps the skin retain moisture. When applied to the skin, colloidal oatmeal reinforces the protective skin barrier," Maryland-based board-certified dermatologist Ife Rodney, M.D. told Allure

Also infused with several oils to hydrate and soften the skin and free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde, and animal cruelty, this product is loved by many consumers seeking natural hydration.

"This really helps my winter eczema. I've been buying Acure lotion for almost 15 years and don't plan to stop. It's by far the best chemical free, fragrance-free lotion there is!" reads one review from a verified buyer on Acure's website. You can purchase this product at major retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS.