How The August 11 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Virgo

The full moon on August 11 will be packed with lots of energy. The lunation falls under the sign of Aquarius and is also the final supermoon of 2022 (via Bustle). This supermoon will appear bigger and brighter in the sky and is set to cause a big shake-up for many members of the zodiac.

This month's full moon may bring a lot of emotional energy to the table and also tap into your spontaneous side. Many may know this lunation as the Sturgeon Moon as it was named for the time of year when the sturgeon fish filled the Great Lakes area and provided an abundance of food for those who fished the waters.

There are many ways to celebrate the full moon and work with the spiritual energy of the lunation. According to StyleCaster, it's a good idea to charge your crystals in the moonlight, as well as spend some time relaxing and performing self-care acts.

Meditating is also a good idea during the full moon, as well as creating a to-do list, working to be productive, and getting things done. One full moon ritual that also proves to be popular is cleaning your physical space. Removing the clutter from your home will also help you control the clutter in your mind and relieve some stress.

If you're a Virgo, the full moon may have you focused on your daily routine.

Virgo may want to revamp their daily schedule during the full moon on August 11

If you were born under the zodiac sign of Virgo (August 23 to September 22), you may find yourself examining your daily schedule and tasks during the full moon on August 11, per Bustle. Virgos are known for being well organized and planning ahead, but during the lunation, they might be dealing with a situation that has them straying from their usual routine.

It could be a project at work or a personal matter that has you feeling a bit out of sorts, but now is the time to really reflect on your daily routine and see if it's still working for you. Tweak your schedule and set it up in a way that allows you to not only have time for the things you have to do, but also the things you want to do.

According to PopSugar, Virgos may also be feeling a bit of self-doubt during the full moon, but if the earth sign stays true to themselves, they'll be able to figure out how to pull themselves out of any situation that doesn't serve them. "You are more intuitive than you know, and your wise counsel is of great help to others," astrologer WaxyJo tells the outlet. 

Virgo may see some drama during the full moon

During the full moon on August 11, Virgos may also step into some drama when it comes to their relationships with friends and co-workers. Allure notes that the earth sign's friend group may see some tension, which can be normal during a full moon.

However, Virgos should avoid getting placed in the middle of any disagreements at all costs. If you have to have a relaxing night at home to stay away from your pals' dramatics, it will be well worth the solace. In addition, you may see one friend leaving your social circle, although that may not be a bad thing depending on the person's energy.

Mind Body Green notes that the sign may have their own issues with a co-worker. "There may be a disagreement, or just a boring and overly regimented superior who seems to block your way," astrologer Kayse Budd, M.D. reveals. "Your ruler (Mercury) is in your own sign right now, however, and this is favorable for your ability to articulate your perspective," she added. The astrologer also suggests that Virgos try to level up while dealing with whatever situation has come to light during the lunation, staying positive throughout it all will only benefit the sign moving forward.

It appears that Virgos may have a lot of tension spill into their lives during the full moon. However, their calm and collected nature makes them one of the best signs to deal with the emotional lunation.