Jim Gaffigan On Why He Considers Himself A 'Midwestern Nudge' - Exclusive

Many aspiring actors and comedians leave their small hometowns and hit up the big city to follow their dreams — which is exactly what Jim Gaffigan did. Growing up in the Midwest, he knew he wouldn't be able to make a name for himself unless he lived in the show business capital of the world.

However, as Gaffigan began building up a career as an actor and stand-up comedian, he was also breaking barriers that surprised those who were watching. "People think that a Midwestern person's going to be polite, but I'm not," Gaffigan said during a recent exclusive interview with The List.

Gaffigan wasn't going to take no for an answer when it came to chasing his dreams — and that included letting the world see him in much more dramatic roles.

When he was cast in the thriller "Collide," he was thrilled to be able to play a character who was so different from himself. "Peter's very much a passive guy, and I'm not really a passive guy," Gaffigan said. "I always think of myself as this Midwestern nudge."

Stepping into a new character's shoes was a 'unique challenge' in Collide

Similar to how Jim Gaffigan isn't anything like a stereotypical Midwesterner, he's also proved that he's not a stereotypical comedian, either. He wants audiences to take him seriously as a dramatic actor.

In his newest drama "Collide," his character is grappling with the news of his wife's affair, and the intense role required Gaffigan to act out most of his emotional scenes alone on screen. "It's probably easier when there's someone there that you can react to," he told The List. "It was a unique challenge."

His performance is one that fans haven't had the chance to see much of coming from a comedian, and stepping into the shoes of a character who has a personality much like a stereotypical Midwesterner was a fun experience for Gaffigan. "I've always loved acting," he said. "The more complex the character, I like the challenge of finding the character in me."

"Collide" is now in theaters and will be available on demand Friday, August 12.