How The August 11 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Scorpio

Whether harkening back to gothic literature or ancient tribal rituals, humanity's portrayal of the full moon as a magical, mystical event transcends centuries and cultures. Even modern nurses and emergency workers report noticing a trend of stranger, more frequent, more unbelievable incidents occurring in their line of work around the full moon (via Your World Healthcare). And if you are someone who puts faith in astrology and spirituality, the full moon is one of the most important energetic celestial events of the month. 

The full moon represents building energies coming to full power and all intentions and goals planted in the quiet, dormant energy of the new moon coming to fruition and becoming ready to "harvest" (via Spirituality Health). For this reason, some people choose to harness the power of the full moon by performing spiritual rituals that may include anything from placing their crystals outside to making "moon water." 

And depending on your zodiac sign and the particular full moon in question, each of these monthly milestones is said to affect you differently. If you are a Scorpio, read on to learn how this August 11th full moon will affect you. 

Scorpio traits

If you are a Scorpio (born between October 23 and November 21), you may have the reputation of being intense (via Allure). Scorpios tend to be immensely passionate and intelligent people who set high expectations of themselves and those around them. In a professional world, Scorpio is highly driven to achieve their lofty goals while maintaining their particular set of values. They are hard workers and dedicated to their craft. Therefore, they have little time or patience for anything they consider to be distracting, unethical, or not worth their time where it comes to building their careers. 

Similarly, in their personal lives, Scorpios are loyal, passionate, dedicated friends and lovers. While they can charm virtually anyone, they only get close to people who they feel they can truly connect with and who share their values. A Scorpio is first to show up to your defense when someone has wronged you, and they do not shy away from giving their all to help someone they love through a tough time or inspire them to reach for their own dreams. As such, they expect the same in return, and if you disappoint them, they will have no qualms at all with cutting you off. 

So what will this full moon do for our hard-working, hard-playing Scorpio?  

How August's full moon will affect you

The full moon that takes place on August 11, 2022 will be in the sign of Aquarius (via Today). It is also known as the Sturgeon Moon, and it is said to help people of all signs take a new look and fresh perspective at their lives and at the world around them (via Vice). Aquarius is an air sign, but this full moon is also taking place during Leo season, which is fiery and passionate. This creates a balance that allows us to use cooler heads to analyze what has been setting us ablaze lately. 

For Scorpio in particular, this is an important time to take stock of what you have already accomplished. We know you are always striving to do and be better and more, and we know your goals are big. But that doesn't mean you have nothing to celebrate in the here and now (via Today). Slow down for a moment and appreciate how far you have already come. You have worked so hard to make it to this stage of your life, and even if you aren't quite where you eventually want to be, it's okay to take a moment and rest, reflect, and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!