Never Have I Ever's Ramona Young On What John McEnroe Adds To The Show - Exclusive

Fans of Netflix's hit "Never Have I Ever" are anxiously awaiting the imminent arrival of the third season of the Mindy Kaling-created teen comedy focusing on the romantic coming-of-age misadventures of Indian-American high schooler Devi Vishwakumar (played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan). Viewers of the show will certainly be familiar with actor Ramona Young, who plays Eleanor Wong, one of Devi's two besties. 

Emerging as one of Netflix's most talked-about shows, "Never Have I Ever" has become something of a critics' darling, with Vanity Fair hailing the show as "the best teen comedy on TV." One of the show's most inventive conceits is the narration, with legendary tennis star John McEnroe adding his two cents as he comments on Devi's decisions and the predicaments those often involve. In an exclusive interview with The List, Young shared her thoughts on McEnroe's hilarious voiceovers, in addition to revealing what's in store for her character in the third season.

Ramona Young on the 'life' that John McEnroe brings with his narration

As anyone who's watched "Never Have I Ever" can attest, one of the sheer joys of the show is the hilarious narration supplied by tennis icon John McEnroe. Star Ramona Young agrees that McEnroe's voiceovers are something of a secret weapon. "Gosh, I really think John McEnroe brings a life to this series, and it's the way he narrates. He's very energetic and animated, and he does it so well that it puts everything together," said Young. "Yeah, he's perfect for it. He's like a wild card."

According to Young, her character, Eleanor Wong, will be finding herself faced with some serious choices in the third season. "Eleanor is still dramatic and flamboyant," said Young of her character. "I feel like she is handling her obstacles with more maturity and sophistication, which is really cool and exciting to watch. She has some really big decisions to make, but she does [so] with a lot of grace."

Season 3 of "Never Have I Ever" is now streaming on Netflix.