Why Do Some People Crave Vegetables During Pregnancy?

When people get pregnant, they usually expect to experience nausea, fatigue, and maybe even vomiting. Once the morning sickness subsides, typical food cravings can kick in. However, some types of cravings may be unexpected.

The common types of cravings include foods with strong flavors, like sweet, salt, and sour tastes (via Healthline). Think about pickles and ice cream, a late-night hot fudge sundae, or a pizza and a bag of chips, and you'll see how the flavors collide.

For many, pregnancy can be a time when they loosen up their regular food plans and allow themselves to eat what they want. That's good because restricting food during pregnancy is never a wise idea. A growing fetus needs a consistent and plentiful amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to sustain proper fetal development.

On the other hand, consuming too much junk food during pregnancy can result in extra weight gain and gestational diabetes (via WebMD). While some try to avoid giving in to sugar and salt-laden cravings, some people actually crave foods that are good for them.

What a vegetable craving means

Believe it or not, some pregnant people crave vegetables. Though leafy greens may not be the top choice for the most delicious food, pregnancy can cause an intense desire for a bevy of healthy veggies (via BabyCenter).

It's not a bad craving to have and it doesn't signal anything harmful. Doctors are split on what exactly causes cravings. Some believe it's purely hormones while others think that it's your body's way of getting you to eat what it requires due to growing nutritional needs (via verywell family). For example, if you're craving something salty, you may need extra sodium or you may even be dehydrated and need to drink more, so your body is directing you to eat something salty so you will drink after it.

There's also a belief that cravings can arise from heightened senses during pregnancy which puts a spotlight on your taste buds, and then there's always a simple desire for comfort  that can bring on cravings.  

How vegetables benefit you during pregnancy

If you find yourself with a vegetable craving, it can be a very good thing. Vegetables provide both water to replenish lost fluids as well as an abundance of vitamins and minerals to boost fetal growth and development (via Hello Motherhood).

Leafy greens offer vitamins A, K, and folate. When you couple dark leafy greens with vitamin C, you can help increase iron stores and that can decrease your risk of iron deficiency anemia, which is more likely during pregnancy. According to Mayo Clinic, you need 27 grams of iron every day while pregnant so every bit helps.

Veggies also contain high amounts of fiber which help ease and prevent pregnancy constipation.

Even though vegetables are healthy, it's important to incorporate all the food groups into your daily eating plan. Besides fruit and vegetables, whole grains, protein, and dairy are all vital for a healthy pregnancy.