If You're An Enneagram Type 2, You Should Try This Nail Color

If you're a big fan of personality tests, chances are you know which Enneagram type you are, and what your Enneagram number means for you. Understanding the traits of your Enneagram type, as with many other personality tests, can help you better understand yourself and how you interact with the world. Not only that, but it can even help you make choices big or small in life, even down to the nail color you should use based on your Enneagram type.

If you're an Enneagram type Two, aka "The Helper," you're bound to be seen as a very special, safe person by the people in your life. As "The Helper," a type Two is nurturing, generous, and empathetic (per The Enneagram Institute). These qualities manifest themselves in many ways, especially when it comes to helping and loving others. According to the Institute, Type Twos are often so friendly and flattering that they can come across as people-pleasers, and possibly be questioned in their genuineness. Nonetheless, this need to help and serve others really just stems from their desire to be loved and to be seen as valuable (via Truity).

As a loving and helpful type Two, you might want to take inspiration from those traits when you're choosing a color palette for your beauty routine. If you need a place to start, here is the nail color you should try if you're an Enneagram type Two.

Type twos pair well with this heartwarming shade

Enneagram type Twos are plenty familiar with how to love and be loved, as that is one of their core motivators and desires, according to The Enneagram Institute. If you're a type Two, you're sure to be generous with your time and effort, and seen as having a really big heart — making everyone around you feel loved, appreciated, and warm all around. With these traits in mind, when it comes to choosing your new favorite nail polish color, consider trying a shade that matches those traits — a nice, soft pink.

According to Apartment Therapy, pastel colors (especially blushes and peachy shades) are perfect for Enneagram type Twos. They name the fitting color mood "Nurturing," which suits the type perfectly, and explain that these pastels are reminiscent of baby blanket colors, "that invoke a nostalgic feeling of being held and cared for." Once you're done doing the same for others, try to pamper and care for yourself by getting a beautiful, blushing shade of pink on your nails.

These nail polishes are great for any type two

According to Truity, some characteristics of Enneagram type Twos are "warm smile and eyes" and being "caring and gentle," so why not pick a nail polish color that accentuates those wonderful traits? For starters, Perfect Polish recommends their polish in the shade Grace. A gorgeous, subtle nude pink color, the Grace nail polish bottle reads, "Paint your nails like a princess" — so you know it's sure to look stunning and simply precious on your manicure. Grace also features some holographic glitter for just the right amount of shimmery glam to match your sparkling smile.

Another lovely shade of pink, Picture Polish's Blossom nail polish can be worn on its own or alternated with the Grace polish for a perfectly pretty manicure. Blossom is a cooler shade that has undertones of lilac, so Enneagram Twos with cooler toned skin would look absolutely precious with this color. Also featuring a subtle holographic shimmer, Blossom's lovely pink hue will remind anyone of the beautiful heart each Enneagram type Two has inside.