What Soap Fans Remember About Anne Heche's Legendary Time On Another World

On Friday, August 12, Emmy-winning actress Anne Heche died at 53 years old a week after a fiery car crash. A representative for Heche's family confirmed the news in a statement to Page Six. Her team told the outlet that though she was declared "brain dead," she would be kept on life support for possible organ donation matches.

Heche's acting prowess was far-reaching as she starred in various roles, which explains her $4 million net worth at the time of her death. During the past few years, Heche kept busy with an array of projects, with more slated for posthumous release, per IMDb. IndieWire pointed out that her iconic work spans generations and fans of different genres — whether it's crime drama fans and 1997's "Donnie Brasco," or indie film lovers and 2004's "Birth."  But one of her most beloved projects came early in her career — her six-year stint as twins Vicky Hudson and Marley Love on the soap opera "Another World" (via IMDb).

In a September 2020 interview with TV personality Michael Fairman, Heche brought up her soap opera beginnings and how she landed her genre-defining role. Heche revealed that she knew little to nothing about who she was auditioning for beforehand, and that "Another World" producer and director John Whitesell pushed her to find her own footing. Her interpretation of the twins clearly resonated with fans as she landed a Daytime Emmy in 1991. Fans turned to social media to shine a light on Heche's soap opera start.

On Another World, Anne Heche was a remarkable force

Fans turned to Twitter to reminisce about Anne Heche's iconic turn on "Another World." In one tweet, a fan got nostalgic about Heche's first scene on the soap and posted a clip of her performance, writing, "Anne Heche was mesmerizing, hilarious, and emotionally intense on Another World as twins [Vicky] Hudson and Marley Love. I caught her entire arc on SoapNet in high school. Here's her first appearance from April 11, 1985."

In another tweet, a viewer celebrated Heche for never forgetting her soap opera roots, writing, "I fell in love with Anne Heche playing twins on ANOTHER WORLD and love that she was always proud of her daytime drama past — as she should have been. She was amazing." 

Another fan tweeted in agreement with countless others on her talent and highlighted how the dual role showcased her versatility as an actor, writing, "Same. Vicky and Marley were so different. It really showed her range. Loved her in Donnie Brasco and when she was on Ally McBeal."