What Led sMothered's Dawn And Cher To Take A Pole Dancing Class Together - Exclusive

We all have mothers — some close, some distanced, and some so close to the point where a best friendship takes the reins. That's the case for two of TLC's "sMothered" stars: It would almost do them a disservice to solely refer to them as a mother-daughter duo when Dawn and Cher Hubsher are much, much more. 

For numerous seasons on "sMothered," Dawn and Cher have unapologetically shown viewers their antics as proclaimed best friends that just happened to be bred from the same DNA. Since the reality show aired in 2019, TLC has followed around mothers and their uniquely tight-knit relationships with their children, but Dawn and Cher stand out because of their eccentric personalities and identical pearly white smiles.

If written confirmation isn't enough, feel free to see for yourself the Hubshers' highlights over the course of the show, including taking Cher's daughter, Belle, to the dentist with Dawn, both wearing similar wigs to match Belle's hair color, and — drumroll please — Dawn buying Cher and her husband adult toys for the couple's evening rendezvous. 

Now, in honor of Season 4 of "sMothered" being recently released, Dawn and Cher told The List in an exclusive interview what new activity fans will witness that will have people talking.

Pole dancing was a way to 'boost each other up'

The cat's out of the bag, and the cat is Dawn and Cher Hubsher, fan favorites on TLC's "sMothered," taking a pole dancing class together for the show's latest season. While speaking to The List to discuss Season 4, Cher matter-of-factly said that the opportunity wasn't as taboo as some may think. "There's a scene where we took a pole dancing class together and people are like, 'You took that with your mom? That's too much,' but we had so much fun."

She continued, "My mom loves to work out. I was like, 'This is the perfect person to go do this with. She loves to work out. It is such a workout, but it's also fun.' I was commenting on her, like, 'Look at that butt.' People are like, 'That's weird. That's too much.' But in reality, you're supposed to boost each other up, and why does it have to be weird? I'm hoping that people can see that it's okay to have your mom or your daughter be your best friend [and] boost each other up. It'll make you both a lot happier."

New episodes of "sMothered" air Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.