Smothered Season 4 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

TLC has always managed to showcase the stranger characters on this earth, such as in "sMothered," a reality television show dedicated to diving into just a few of the oddest mother-daughter relationships that have ever been broadcast on national television. The mother-daughter duos on "sMothered" defy the bounds of familial closeness by going on double dates together or sharing the same bed (and sometimes, even the same bath), according to TV Insider. Certain scenes are so strange that viewers often wonder if these duos are truly mother and child. In fact, at one point, a mother admits that she would marry a male version of her daughter in a heartbeat.

For the past three seasons, despite the cringe-worthy nature of the show, viewers have been tuning in to "sMothered" in droves. "Sure, 'sMothered' is a bit of a trainwreck, but it's a trainwreck in all the best ways," reads a review on Decider. "Watch it with your significant other, especially if he or she is way too close to his/her mom. It's a good way of realizing that things could always be worse."

This is what Season 4 of the show has in store for viewers.

When is Season 4 of sMothered set to premiere?

Perhaps given the fact that Season 3 of "sMothered" only aired in August 2021, TLC has not yet announced the fate of the show — including when and if it will be returning for a fourth season. As Cheat Sheet reported, previous seasons of the show have typically kicked off during the summer, so it's likely that filming of the next season hasn't even begun. On that note, the casting website Backstage posted a since-expired call for "over-the-top and extremely close" mother-daughter duos for Season 4 of "sMothered," according to Cheat Sheet. Of course, many could assume from this post that "sMothered" will indeed return for another season with a new roster of interesting mother-daughter pairs.

Missed the first three seasons? You can catch previous seasons of the show by streaming them on discovery+ or on the TLC website and TLC Go app by plugging in your cable subscription. Individual episodes can also be purchased on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

What mother-daughter duos will be on sMothered in Season 4?

The past three seasons of "sMothered" have featured mother-daughter duos facing obstacles that challenge their closeness to varying degrees. Though no news regarding the cast of the Season 4 has been announced by TLC, it is perhaps safe to assume that at least a few mother-daughter duos from Season 3 will be making a return. According to Cheat Sheet, Sunhe and Angelica, Kathy and Cristina, and Dawn and Cher have all appeared on all three seasons of the show. Brand new mother-daughter pairs Amy and Carina, Karla and Rykia, and Lisa and Lauren joined the cast in Season 3.

Amy and her daughter, Carina, both share a home with 11 animals and claim to be inseparable. However, as the season progresses, Amy realizes that their close relationship is getting in the way of them forming lasting relationships outside of one another. Karla and her daughter, Rykia, are so close that they give each other bikini waxes. This closeness, however, is beginning to annoy Karla's son, Rasheed, who feels too embarrassed to introduce his girlfriend to the family, per Cheat Sheet.

One of the more shocking plot lines of the show features mother-daughter pair Lisa and Lauren, who both have a very active role in getting Lauren pregnant.

Is Lauren from sMothered pregnant?

On the third season of "sMothered," Lisa and her daughter, Lauren, pushed the limits of just how close a mother and daughter can be. At the time of filming, Lauren and her wife, Laura, were attempting to conceive a child via artificial insemination. After experiencing trouble with the process, Laura wanted to take a break due to the financial and emotional toll.

However, it seems as though Lauren and her mother, Lisa, had other ideas. According to Distractify, Lisa actually helped her daughter do at-home artificial insemination without telling Laura. As you might imagine, the fact that Lauren enlisted the help of her mother to do at-home insemination without telling her partner made for quite a tense disagreement between the couple.

Lauren still has yet to announce whether or not she's pregnant, though it's likely that Laura and Lauren would keep the news of their pregnancy journey a secret since it is a major plot point on the show. We'll be tuning in to Season 4 to see how all this pans out.