If You're An Enneagram Type 5, You Should Watch These TV Shows

An Enneagram type Five is called The Investigator for their deep appreciation for details and mystery-solving prowess, per Truity. At their best, a Five is able to balance their craving for solitary intellectual exploration with relaxing activities to help them reconnect to their bodies and the world around them.

The typical Five career choices include work in engineering, science, journalism, or other fields that require expertise and discipline. Book Riot casts the brilliant engineer in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," Beetee Latier, as an exemplary Type Five, since he utilized his know-how to outsmart the Capital. The outlet also positions the character of Sherlock Holmes himself — presumably across book and film adaptations — as literature's seminal investigator. 

Fives can turn their keen observational skills toward almost any task, and their passion for learning makes them an indispensable member of a creative or strategic team.  Though they have a reputation for being detached, per Truity, when a Five is at their best, they are able to combine their love of knowledge with their desire to better the world. They can also become accomplished teachers and help others understand what might otherwise be impenetrable ideas.

Type Fives can relate to these characters' tendency to hyper-focus

The Every Girl sees Rory Gilmore from "Gilmore Girls" as a classic Type Five, and her academic success and regular bouts of tunnel vision concerning her goals support this theory. Rory may even represent a slightly unhealthy Five — she is on an obsessive quest for validation, and she has an all-or-nothing attitude toward her journalistic career. "Gilmore Girls" provides plenty of examples of what hyper-focus looks like when it leads to success and when it leads to misery or obsession. Thankfully, Lorelei is the perfect foil for her Type Five daughter, reminding her that she is a person separate from her intellectual prowess and her life goals. Rory also exhibits some growth as a Five throughout the series, particularly when stepping beyond her comfort zone toward new opportunities and experiences.

For another big-brained comedic show for Type Five, they can venture into one of TV's sleuthy worlds. This could mean watching the BBC's "Sherlock," inspired by its namesake book series and starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Or viewers can check out "Psych" — though Fives may be able to outsmart some of the show's sillier cases, they will appreciate the mental flexibility required to keep up with the show's hyper-active protagonists, Shawn and Gus. Plus, The Investigator will love figuring out which subject is guilty long before anyone on-screen cracks the case. 

Mixed genre, mind-warping series are also top picks

Type Fives appreciate media that both entertains and educates — Crystal Knows suggests a historical drama that retells events in a compelling new narrative. "Chernobyl" ticks most of Five's TV boxes, with a central mystery to solve and analysis of a nuclear disaster that had real world impact. 

In terms of contemporary and historical dystopian realities, the outlet also recommends series with sci-fi influences for the clever Type Five, who respects a well-researched script more than most viewers. The cult favorite series "Firefly" will appeal to Fives who are fans of space travel, quick-witted scripts, and characters that defy and otherwise critique stereotypes and cultural norms. Fives may also identify with the space vessel's mechanic Kaylee, a brilliant engineer and the heart and soul of the crew aboard the ship Serenity. 

Another Western-influenced pick, HBO's "Westworld," is a wild thought experiment of a series, taking place in a Western-themed amusement park where wealthy patrons act out their fantasy lives with no repercussions. As the series continues, its premise becomes increasingly complex, and Fives will exhilarate in its core moral and practical questions.

For alien-themed fare, Crystal Knows recommends the space-bound series "Cosmos." And, for the Five hoping to explore extra-terrestrial life from right here on Earth, "The X-Files" is a tried and true classic with the perfect balance between cynicism and faith.