If You're An Enneagram Type 5, You Should Consider Pursuing This Career

As an Enneagram type 5, you are known to be a bit withdrawn and secretive. You are extremely curious about the world and the way things work and sometimes, you get lost deep in thought and fail to keep up with relationships, per The Enneagram Institute. But, your curiosity can also lead you to become a leader in your field and you are often told that you are ahead of your time.

According to Truity, it's important for you to feel capable and you work hard to avoid feeling helpless or useless. You want to find answers to everything around you, from the smallest details to the most abstract ideas. In fact, you share your enneagram with people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Stephen King, and Albert Einstein as Truity notes. As you look towards a career or find yourself thinking about making a job change, you are likely doing your research. If you've come across your enneagram, you have likely learned how it can help you decide things like your next hairstyle or your cocktail of choice, but at its best, it can also help you pick the right life path. Here's what career you should consider as an Enneagram type 5.

Enneagram type 5s should find a career that encourages them to learn

According to The Career Project, Enneagram type 5s have a huge passion for learning. In order to be truly happy in your career, you may want to consider finding a job that encourages this passion and allows you to find new skills. In addition to the learning aspect, you should also find a career that allows for independence, as you thrive in your own space and work better doing things in your own time. They recommend a career in research or cyber security.

Life Goals recommends a job that doesn't require too much interaction with others. Careers like an analyst, journalist, or web developer will allow you to have a structured environment without too much input from others. These types of jobs also allow you to mostly work on your time and in your own space, free from others' input. According to Crystal Knows, the most common jobs for an Enneagram type 5 include scientist, engineer, mathematician, scholar, author, computer programmer, author, or technician.

Careers to avoid as an Enneagram type 5

Crystal Knows says an Enneagram type 5 should look for something new if they begin to feel like they lack privacy or autonomy at work, they feel ignored, they feel like they are mostly managing a team rather than working on the project themselves, or they are in a social environment where coworkers are often coming to them to chat. According to The Career Project, a teaching gig or working as a receptionist are not great choices for a type 5. Roles that involve speaking publicly should also be avoided, so think twice before pursuing something as a marketing director, politician, or actor.

If you don't want to sit at a desk all day, Fairy God Boss recommends becoming a detective. Not only is this job all about discovering things, but it also allows you to work in a high-stakes environment and only report to yourself, which are big pluses for a type 5.